Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our Beautiful Green Universe - Messages, Juicing, Breathing

I am sooo into green juicing.. big, Big, BIG 32 oz dark green juice every day (or almost) usually with Cilantro, Parsley, Spinach, Celery, Romaine, Cucumber, Jalapeno, Garlic and Ginger.. thats been keeping me going lately!!

.. and my Mom is into Qigong lately.. she's heavily into Tai Chi !!! and now is getting into Qigong. She has been doing this 'Breathing of the Universe' exercise lately.. it's a very simple one .. But as Master Lin says "The most powerful is also the simplest." Like most things in life!!!
Breathing of the Universe exercise from Master Lin - Spring Forest Qigong

1. Relax into the proper position.
Stand with you toes pointed forward, your knees slightly bent. Set your feet a little more than shoulder width apart for good balance. Look forward. Smile. Relax!
Draw your chin back a little to straighten your spine. Open your fingers. Drop your shoulders. Now shift your elbows outward a little.
2. Begin to breathe.
Slowly take three deep, silent and gentle breaths. Imagine using your whole body to breathe. Visualize the universal energy coming into every cell of your body. When you exhale, visualize any pain or sickness changing into smoke and shooting out from every cell to the end of the universe.
3. Say the password.
Close your eyes and lips, and say the password. "I am in the universe. The universe is in my body. The universe and I combine together." Take a moment to feel the emptiness, the quietness, the stillness of the universe.

4. Begin the exercise.
As you inhale, move your hands open and to the sides. As you exhale, close your hands. (Use the pictures as a guide) When you open your hands, feel the energy expanding into the space between your hands. When you bring your hands together, feel the energy compressing in the space between your hands. Your hands do not touch each other.
Allow your hands and body to feel the energy while you use your elbows to guide the action. Do the exercises for six minutes. When finished sit and relax for several minutes.

ok, feeling in the flow.. and balanced.. now part 2 of my movie.. but first one more bit of inspiration:

My message today from the Universe:
"Let's see... It's impossible to fail. Everything works out in your favor. The elements conspire on your behalf. There are always reasons to be happy. Millions of lives are touched by yours. Thousands of people think of you fondly. Hundreds call you their friend. You can have anything you dream of. Things just keep getting better. And you live forever.

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malilies said...

love your post :) I needed a message from the universe!