Sunday, May 10, 2009

Toronto's May Raw Pot Luck

Last night was the May Raw Pot Luck. It has been temporarily held for the past few months at 680 Queen's Quay, but a search is underway for a new location for it.
I worked at Rawlicious all day and just got off in time to get the night before I prepared food to bring. I made 3 Mango Pies.. they were experiments. Thats one thing I love about these pot lucks is taking time to experiment on different dishes.

The mango pies had a macadamia and coconut crust, easy, just processed together with a bit of agave and lemon juice.. and a creamy filling, mostly made of mangoes.. I just bought a box, the most beautiful creamy fragrant ataulfo mangoes are in the height of their season and I am buying them by the case lately and eating several daily. So, the filling was made with lots of mango blended with some young coconut meat and soaked cashews, pineapple and lemon juice & agave.. and then a topping which was just mango and agave, a dash of lemon juice and a bit of psylium, just enough to make it a thick but still pourable consistency.

& I made an oyster mushroom ceviche.. which was inspired by Matthew Kenneys new book Entertaining in the Raw.. it had tomatoes,seeded and just the outer part diced, avocado, red onion and cilantro, with an orange and lime juice dressing with some Indian channa masala spices.. living in little India influence on me I'm sure.

But the best part of pot lucks is trying lots of new dishes and meeting lots of friends, old and new.. there is a beautiful community that develops from sharing food! & lots of Love ..a few pics of the food, although taken quickly as people were starting and I didn't get pics of everything..

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