Tuesday, April 21, 2009

'The Universe exists for the sake of the Self'

"The Universe exists for the sake of the Self." Not for what the outer world can give, not for control over objects of desire, not for the sake even of beauty or pleasure, does the Great Architect plan and build his worlds. He has filled them with objects, beautiful and pleasure-giving. the great arch of the sky above, the mountains with snow-clad peaks, the valleys soft with verdure nd fragrant with blossoms, the oceans with their vast depths, their surface now calm as a lake, now tossing in fury they all exist, not for the objects themselves, but for their value for the Self. Not for themselves because they are anything in themselves but that the purpose of the Self may be served, and His manifestatiuons made possible.

The world with all its beauty, its happiness nd suffering, its joys and pains" is planned with the uttmost ingenuity, in order that the powers of the Self may be shown forth in manifestation. From the fire-mist to the LOGOS, all exist for the sake of the Self. The lowest grain of dust, the mightiest deva in his heavenly regions, the plant that grows out of sight in the nook of a mountain, the star that shines aloft over us - all these exist in order that the fragments of the one Self, embodied in countless forms, may realize their own identity and manifest the powers of the Self through the matter that envelops them.

There is but one Self in the lowliest dust and the loftiest deva. "Mamamsaha" My portion, "a portion of My Self," says Sri Krishna, are all these Jivatmas, all these living spirits. For them the universe exists; for them the sun shines, and the waves roll, and the winds blow, and the rain falls, that the Self may know Himself as manifested in matter, as embodied in the universe."

from Yoga: The Process of Self-Unfoldment by Annie Besant
These private lectures were delivered at the 32nd Anniversary of the Theological Society held at Benares, in 1907, and were intended to give a thorough understanding of Yoga.


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