Monday, April 27, 2009

Flowers, Avatar courses and Thoughts on Fear and Honesty

Flowers! as promised.. They go well with the beautiful sunny day. We drove around with the top down, taking full advantage of the sunny weather.. beach walk, so nice!!
I am so thankful that summer is on it's way..

Last week something that preoccupied my mind for a few days was a course that is taking place in Austin Texas. My mom called and told me about it.. we planned and dreamed, and looked up flights and thought it out.. and then got realistic, we both have kids to take care of and it's not really financially wise right now.. But it was a fun thing to look into..

The course we almost took was an Avatar Course. It was developed by Harry Palmer, and after some researching we discovered that he has a background in scientology and this is an MLM course.. but on the positive side.. he has very lofty aims - to cntribute to an enlightened planetary civilization. 10's of thousands of people have taken this course and it is widely recognized as incredibly beneficial. It teaches people techniques to improve their lives, to look at and erase faulty belief systems and live lives according to their own self-generated blueprint.
Well, when Mom called and asked me to look at this I was interested.. as I have a huge interest in deprogramming. I have seen for a long time that we are limited usually most of all by the thoughts we believe about ourselves.. and the world, but mostly ourselves. & I think we can all do work on this no matter how clear we become.
If we didnt have work to do, we wouldn't be here, right?

So now, even though I have decided not to go, for now.. I have printed out a couple of the mini e-courses available free from the site. ..and they are interesting. They really provoke thought about the way we think about things, the way we act, our belief systems. Very interesting thoughts. You can check out the e-courses here.
There are also videos and audio podcasts etc on the Avatar epc homepage, here

Interesting thought from the #1 e-course on Personal Integrity about Honesty
"Fear is a belief in our inadequacy to deal with something. And that belief precedes any evidence of failure we have collected.
...Unawareness arising from fear is why people are dishonest. The belief responsible for the fear may be lost in confusion or hidden in the shame of humiliation. The inviation is to avoid, to forget, to go stupid, and the urge to be right further sanctions our ignorance.
What a breath of fresh air to face a dishonest act and say, "I did it because I was afraid. Period!"
..Here is a remarkable observation that has profound implications for the future of the world: As people handle their transparent and hidden beliefs, they become naturally more honest."
" What determines if our spark of divinity glows brightly, sharing its light and blessing with other divine sparks, or fades to black?
Honesty. Honesty is the measure of our willingness for others to know our actions, our thoughts, our feelings, and our intentions. Anything that reduces this willingness seperates us further from source."


Adriel said...

Lovely pictures, did you take them?

Glad to hear you're enjoying the Mini-Courses. My son - who's also in raw foods - did the Avatar Course with me in Santa Fe a couple of years ago. It was the most amazing experience and cleared so much in our relationship.


Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Adriel.. Thanks for commenting. So wonderful to hear about you and your son going, so nice ot hear. My Mom mentioned that maybe my daughter would liek to come.. maybe by the time we are ready that will happen.. I would love that. Appreciate hearing from you, thanks! Hugs, R