Thursday, April 09, 2009

My Day back Home collecting Mermaids Tears on the East coast


Eco Yogini said...

Wow!! that's a LOT of "mermaid" tears! Living on the Atlantic Canadian coast I have never seen that many on our shore (in front of my parents house). Which is surprising considering how many beer bottles were thrown out over the past few decades... (not recently though).

I have some jewelery handmade by a local artist and i LOVE them :)

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hey Eco-Yogini,
Nice to meet a fellow East Coaster! & yes I was thinking the same thing.. my friend sent me these pics, we were taking the day off, virtual tripping.. and I was thinking how I have never actually seen this many on the coast either. I am from the southern coast of NB (Moncton) but have lived for many years in Halifax also.
For years however, when my kids were young, we used to go down to the beach, here in Toronto, just a few blocks from our home, and collect 'mermaids tears'by the lake. I had many bottles of them.. my friend has a walkway she made- she scattered the glass on top as the cement was drying, very beautiful, it was beautiful & I thought I may do that or something creative with them one day. I had enough for that & more.. but then life changes.. and I moved to an apartment. I am now in a house again.. but I got rid of so many things.. and only have 2 glass containers of them left. But those containers hold a lot of memories..
Anyway, I just loved the mixing of images.. but you are right on.. no matter how many beer bottles get put in the ocean, for some reason they never seem to come back.. maybe they are in Europe somewhere, LOL - (actually I got 90's in my geology course, plate tectonics and all.. they are all coursing through our earth now)

Good pick-up.. and thanks for bringing me back & reminiscing, good times - East Coast & the mermaid tears!
Hugs & best wishes!!

Aimee (bitt) said...

oh my gosh those are gorgeous. i love sea glass.

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanmks Aimee, Nice to meet you! Best wishes & Cheers with a big green juice on the beach picking sea glass!