Friday, April 03, 2009

Raw Dogs

I was asking my Mom for some info about raw dogs for a friend of mine. I wonder if there might be more raw dogs than people, I keep hearing about dogs that are raw.. and who are doing amazing, of course! Here is what she wrote:

"A good book to begin with for learning about feeding dogs 'raw' is "Raw Dog Food Made Easy for You and Your Dog" by Carina Beth MacDonald. When I began, I read several books (borrowed from a friend) but this one is quite easy to read and take advice from. I feed Buddy lots of greens and veggies (chopped in food processor), deep sea fish oil and raw meat patties from Urban Carnivore plus one raw beef bone each day. I also add raw garlic and/or kelp and dulse quite regularly and a raw egg (with shell) processed with other food about once a week. Buddy likes raw fish occasionally also."


Organic Gardener said...

Thanks for the post. My brother just got a cute, lovable, smart Australian Shephard puppy and I had been wondering how to brooch the subject of raw dog food. That book sounds like just the ticket to introduce him to the idea.

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Yes, So many people who try raw food for dogs, love it.. it makes the dogs happier and although they have more energy, they seem more content and peaceful.
Mom doesn't seem to think its hard to get used to feeding them raw. & I keep hearing from epopel how worth it it is for their tempermant (not to mention health!)

Great hearing from you, have a wonderful day! : ) R