Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Raw Paths

There are as many ways of eating 'Raw' as there are people on the Earth.
Weare all so different, come from different backgrounds with different lifestyles, different experiences, different bodies, different prior ways of eating; we have treated our bodies differently and they have reacted differently.

I had a conversation about this recently. Someone said how some people eating raw foods have a worse diet than some eating cooked - for instance; a raw foodist who lives on nuts and coconut and bananas and a cooked foodist who juices.

Everyone approaches a raw food diet in a different way. You can only sustain a diet based on nuts & coconut for so long..however, what I notice is that when people gain more energy and are clear mentally, when they notice they stabilize and don't continue to feel as great, as clear, as high - most people look into it and adjust their diet.. perhaps fruitarianism, 80-10-10, juicing more.
Ultimately to feel great raw add green juices, green smoothies, sprouts & eating more lightly to your diet.

Another thing about the raw lifestyle is that it attracts 'out of the box' eccentric types.. or maybe it attracts everyone & it's me that attracts out of the box ecentric types ; )
but True, I think it does.. and artists, musicians, creative people, dancers, models, actors, people who will go the distance, do something drastic to feel stronger, have more energy. Feel more, expand their consciousness, go deeper ..explore new territory!!

A Cheers to all by beautiful raw foodist friends, raw food exporers, no matter what path you are on. Salud!!

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