Sunday, April 05, 2009

Brian Clement Lecture - 'Lifeforce - Superior Health and Spirited Longevity'

Dr. Brian Clement will be in Orangeville on Friday, April 17th from 7 pm - 9 pm for his lecture on


Brain has changed many peoples lives, helping them to create healthy bodies, more energy, clearer minds, and a more positive, happy and vibrant life.

Join Brian at Monora Park Pavilion Community Centre (633220 Hwy 10). The investment is $20, Tickets are avalable at the door or in advance - in case it gets sold out.

The organizers are offering a Living food meal which will be available before-hand, served at 6pm. It will include a green juice (50% sprouts - hippocrates style).The meal is 15$ and tickets for the meal need to be purchased in advance. Call Mark at 519. 767. 9273 or email for more information or to purchase tickets for the evening.

Following the lecture there will be an extensive question and answer period as well as a book signing.

E3live, sprouts, and other living foods availble for purchase.

Also there will be drumming and dancing after the presentation until the early morn.... : )

Go, Have fun, Enjoy, Live Vibrantly!


Anonymous said...

I know this will sound bad, but Dr. Clements looks like a mad scientist type. I don't know anything about him, other than who he is and that he is head of the Hippocrates Health Institute....but I don't think he looks like someone I could trust. I know this is being judgemental...but oftentimes peoples faces do reflect their characters. His face looks.....not trustworthy.

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Alessandra<
I know, Brian does look a bit like a mad scientist type, or wolfman Jack, ; ) But.. I personally know about a dozen people who he has dramatically helped. quite a few of whom prob wouldnt be around today.. he realy has helped so many people - 1 that comes to mind is Ida, in her 80's, who when in her 60's was diagnosed with severe health problems, and now she teaches yoga, does headstands and looks amazing.. and very on the Hippocrates program! Sprouts!!!
& Brian is so incredibly knowledgeable.. I have seen him speak many times and the part that always amazes and impresses me most (& which I offten get the most knowledge out of) is the end question and answer part where so many people from the audience ask him about illnesses, diseases, all types of health problems and he talks about them.. his knowledge is Vast!!
Despite his 'look' I strongly advise anyone to check him out.

Great to hear from you.. I apreciate you being truthful and saying what you feel. HUgs! R