Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter - Poem for Highly Sensitive People

Here is a flower for Easter.. and it's Dew-elery : )

and a beautiful Poem for Highly Sensitive People - Erika Harris wrote this poem for her inspiring site designed to connect us deep feeling people and help us find meaning in our lives and build community - The Highly Sensitive Person's Online Guide to creating Joyful Work Best Wishes Erika!!

You are new every day.

Please don't dismiss
your brilliance
as schizophrenia.

You're not crazy, darling.

It's your grotesque habitat that is crazy.

(You know, the habitat that normalizes
blood-thirst and depravity, and then calls it "6:00 news").

Brilliance glistens and sparkles
and bounces light from many
angles, facets and dimensions.

Genius vibrates and buzzes
and reverberates many
octaves, chords and symphonies.

It's just too rich... too creamy... too dazzling
too bright... too stunning... too pristine...

to be measured
or counted
or understood by
miserly unilateral

It's okay that they don't get you.

Do you really want to be "gotten" by folks
who insist on a neat and orderly universe (which is fake)
with perfectly manicured lawns (again, fake).

You are a wild prairie.

An ocean.

A desert.

A mountain.

You transcend predictability
and homogenized conformity
and deadening mediocrity.

And that erratic wildness is the secret-sauce
that makes you glorious.

So step forward,
you outrageous creature
with the amplified nervous system...
you undeniable proof of Divinity...
you hyper-aware catcher of overlooked subtleties and nuances.

Be big. Live big. Love big.
Small just doesn't suit you.

And you know it :-)



Erika Harris said...

Robin, *thank you*. I love your thoughts and your writing; it's an honor to be here among them.

With Affection,

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks Erika - Big Hugs!

Organic Gardener said...

Thanks for the inspirational poem and also the link to such an amazing website.