Monday, April 07, 2008

Rawlicious Opening - Saturday, April 12th

A Rawlicious opening date has been set today!
We will officially be opening on Saturday, April 12th !!

Our hours are:
Mon - Thurs & Sat - 10-7
Fri - 10-9
Sun - 12-5

Our address is:
3092 Dundas St W. Toronto
in the Junction - W of Keele & Pacific St
by TTC - go to Dundas West subway stn. & take the Junction bus, it runs aprox every 10-12 minutes, get off at the Quebec Ave stop.

Phone # - 647-829-6461
(I think, This may change, but for now call us here)

I will be there everyday this week, preparing foods and helping to get the place ready. It's very exciting, we have an amazing vibe going on there - Lots of great music and people - It's a wonderful fun, high-vibe place. It was so beautiful today - Angus was painting the door, so it was open, sun shining in our newly installed windows - with the music and sun and fresh air it was definitely Spring!!!

I feel like I am going to be working morning till night every day this month, esp with my big move to the west end. Lots of furniture shopping, planning, packing and am keeping on track with my side (?) projects. Also, Paul Nison is at Toronto Sprouts on Wed evening and I will definitely be there!! & There is a Raw Pot Luck Sat evening - Yes, our opening day - and we are all planning to go there afterwards.

..but most of all, on top of everything - I am most excited about having not only a new home, but a new home away from home - Rawlicious.
Sending a Huge Thanks and Appreciation for Angus and Tracy who are working day and night making this vision happen!
Much much love - see you again early tomorrow morning for more fun and music and tea and creating! ; ) Hugs!


Sawako said...

What a wonderful notice!
I'm planning to come back in the summer. Just for a few days.
But I do, I'll come to Rowlicious for sure!!
Can't wait to see it and YOU!
I've been missing you ROBIN!!

Queen B said...

Wow! You are one busy girl! Moving, opening a new place, selling your house, and doing it all with such grace, energy, and enthusiasm! You must be eating/drinking rawket fuel! Love and blessings!

VeganLisa said...

Where is rawlicious located? I live in Toronto and I'm planning to be at the potluck that evening but I would be happy to stop by on your opening day to check things out.

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Can't wait to see you! (sending you an e-mail) Huge hugs!!

Queen B - You know it! I am living on high vibe superfoods and taking one day at a time - just doing as much as efficiently as I can - and writing lists! ; ) Hugs! Looking forward to seeing you hopefully this summer also! That would be great.

Lisa, Thank you so much for drawing my attention to that - I didn't post the address!! wow, That's important! I just went and put it in - 3092 Dundas st w & posted ttc directions. Hope you can make it to visit us earlier, that would be wonderful. Come introduce yourself to me!
Thanks again!! Look forward to meeting you - cusoon!

Michelle J said...

Hi Keiko, now i definitely must plan a trip to Toronto! This is big and wonderful news..good luck my friend! :O)

Fatma said...

Wonderful. I have an Open House on the same day but will definitely come by soon.

Looking forward to seeing you and your home away from home.


Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Yay!! Let m know if you are planning to come, Michelle - would be great to meet you.

Hi Fatma, Best wishes with your opn house & I look forward to seeing you again in the very near future!

Big Hugs to both of you!!!

Garry said...

Congrats Robin! I'll be away for the grand opening but i will drop by when I'm back!!! :^D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and the best of luck for your new venture ..........
Hope to visit you in July .....S x

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks Garry, great to hear from you and will be wonderful to see you!

S, Thank you.. Have we met? July?? ok, now I am curious!

Anonymous said...


We have chatted a few times about kids and lifestyles etc... I live in Fla ...Love your blog you are a huge inspiration .. hoping to come to Toronto in July .When it's warmer..........

Best of luck......... ;-)
Sandi xxx

Anonymous said...

awesome! I wish I still lived in the area! :(
But I'll make a trip out as soon as I can!

Anonymous said...

We were there when the door was unlocked for the first time on Saturday...totally AWESOME food and what a relaxing and comfy...congrats and see you again

julena said...

Yes! Awsome news! (and hopefully you guys will extend hours eventually, cause we tend to eat late :-) )... I'm definetly coming out to explore within a week... So far I've only been going to "Fresh on Bloor". It'll be nice to have more alternatives :-)

Manda said...

I saw this on my way home today!! I (think) I've convinced my family we have to try it out tomorrow for lunch. I'll be sure to blog about the experience and just can't wait!!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Sandi!! Cool, will be great meeting you in person - let me know when you are coming! Look forward to seeing you - thats exciting!

Da-jungalist - Looking forward to seing you soon.

& Thank you everyone else for the congrats & high vibes - look forward to seeing/meeting you - make sure to come say hi when you are in. Hugs, Robin