Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Busy Rawlicious Day

Hi, it's midnight & I am getting up early tomorrow, so this is going to be quick post - I need a good night's sleep. But, I have to show you.. the sign was going up today, just as I was leaving this evening. It was exciting watching it being put up!

I got to work in the kitchen with all the dishes moved out & off the shelves, things were all over the place today and it was great chaos fun!

Ooh, & one of the best things - the butterfly got hung!

random work shot

random eating shot

The sauna spa is down here..

we just got some cool shelves built in where the MRS2000 mat is going to be.

one quick pic of Paul Nison, it's blurry, but I didn't want to take another..
He gave a talk at Toronto Sprouts tonight - It was really good!!
(my paintings had been put back up behind him - that was cool to see!)

I saw so many people tonight, it was so great, such a busy day -
I think I'm a little deleriously tired -
my bed is calling my name
Good Night, Sweet Dreams!


Kathy said...

Another Raw Restaurant!!! Can't wait to try it out! Congratulations and Best of Luck with your new adventure!

Sawako said...

Rawlicious is getting ready!!!
It looks awesome!
I'm sure it'll be a wonderful place & give us amazing vibes just like you give=D

Michelle J said...

Looks amazing! Good luck and someday i will be right there with you!!!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks everyone! Look forward to seeing you all there!!! Hugs!