Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rawlicious Kids and Desserts and Hugs

We made chocolate fondue today (twice) for the first time. Raw fondue - now thats exceptional - That was Angus's idea.. we slowly melt Fred's Coffee Cardamom Truffle Chocolate over a tealight warmer, slowly so it doesn't get hot quickly, just enough to melt. It's so delicious!!

One of my favorite things today was an older East Indian woman who came before leaving and asked if sh could give me a hug - she thanked me and said what a beautiful kitchen and that she could feel the love in the food. I got some really great hugs today!!

Blueberry Cheezecake

Rawlicious nursery ; )'s a great place for kids, they love it here!

Our first fondue!

Apple pie


Sawako said...

Everything looks beautiful & soooooooooooooo DELICIOUS!
And I can see the Kids love the place=D
The place is full of Love & Happy!
What a wonderful place.

I'd love to come someday really soon!
And I should try a piece of your apple pie!
I love your cheesecake bery much, but I haven't try your apple pie.
I'll try something new, and then I might have a piece of cheesecake;->

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Sawako!
I am very excited for you to come & see our place. Yes, you will love it!
Looking so forward to seeing you, miss you lots!
& I think maybe I should come to Japan and visit you one day also!!!
; ) Hugs!
ps Let me know when you plan to come as soon as you know!