Saturday, April 05, 2008

Beautiful Days, Busy Life

It is the most beautiful sunny day outside. The most wonderful thing about Canadian winters is that they end. lol ..and then you really appreciate the spring and summer!! hehe ok, so I'm not much of a cold, winter girl..

but the good news is that I got through the winter this year not really minding it or feeling nearly as cold as the few past previous years. Actually it seems to me that it is the 1st winter raw is the hard one for feeling cold, and if you get through that, and are really sticking to a raw diet then the subsequent winters are not nearly as cold. Actually, there were quite a few times this winter when I was warm, wearing tank tops inside and the other people around me were bundled up. I was quite comfortable.


I am asked all the time, when I go out, when Rawlicious is opening, and I apologize but I don't know yet. I figured that, since everyone is curious, that I should at least let you know that I don't know. but I promise I will post and let you know as soon as I get the word! It will be quite soon, maybe in a week. and I should have an actual date to post any day now.

In my personal life I am still crazy busy, there is now a Sold sign in front of our house. Jim and the boys are living in a house in the Beaches and I am moving into a suite in a building at High Park and Bloor, right across the street from the subway, very convenient, and right across the street from High Park. Kaiya is living 50/50 with both of us. She is in Disneyworld right now for a friends birthday party! Lucky girl! .and has my camera, so no pics till she gets back, actually tomorrow - time is going by quick. I was out all day yesterday looking at furniture shops.. and I am heading downtown this afternoon to do the same. I am hoping to go to Chinatown also and get young Thai coconuts and I would take pics, it's very picturesque there, even just the market stands, but another day for those. ..ok, back to my other writing, I am compiling a book of recipes which I hope to have out in a few months, so back at it for a few more hours.. and then sun, beautiful, beautiful Sun!!!

Much love and wishes for a Sunny and Upbeat Vibing Rawsome Happy Day!!!

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