Sunday, April 20, 2008

Raw food prep with Cherie Soria

On Friday a group of us got together at Toronto Sprouts to work with Cherie Soria, who was here for the Total Health show, and help her prep food for her workshop demonstration. She had sample plates to make for 200 people.
Cherie and her husband Dan Ladermann head the Living Light Institute in California and have trained some of my favorite chefs, including Chad Sarno and Renee Loux-Underkoffler.
In this pic: Deighen, Marie, Cherie and me.

Marie, Luke and I

Cherie and Scott

The kitchen is starting to get busy, we have a game plan and are grouped up to work on different recipes. Luke and I were partners.

Luke was slacking off somewhere yet again when this picture was taken! )

Oh, there - finally, he came back to help me. (lol j/k, Luke!)

We had lots of media come visit us, a few tv stations had people come by to film and interview.
and then Marie had a segment done on her for a tv show that day. It was really busy and lots of cameras around everywhere. The pic below is of Cherie being interviewed by the largest Asian station.

Monica from Organics on Bloor came by to deliver extra produce for us. This is a great shop and they now deliver!!!

Brian Clement, director of the Hippocrates Institute, dropped by to say hi and had lunch with us.
The cafe was closed for the day, but we had so many people drop in that day that it turned into a bit of a party. In this pic, a few of the people who showed up: Fred from Food not Candy and Natasha from Simply Raw.


aubergine2001 said...

I may be in TO to check out your resto ... Cyan

Michelle J said...

Keiko! Your famous!! Autograph please!!! :O)

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Cyan, So nice to see you today, what a surprise!!!! xoxox!

Lol Michelle! Wait for the book for the autograph.. ; ) Hugs!!