Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Moving plans, boiled fish, Sushi and Nori and the day before opening

This is a pic of a part of my kitchen that I love .. and I am dismantling it.. and off to make a new home to love. The countdown is on. I have 1 week to move.. game plan is pack up the house fri, a bin to dump furniture in on the weekend, ..move on monday, new furniture to be delivered on tues . ..I'm a little nervous about it because I'm working more than full time these days, and so many other things to do.. but I know it will all get done ..lists are great.

My brother just flew in today and came to Rawlicious to see me.. that was awesome!!

I think I may need to get antibiotics for my finger.. I have the bandage staying off tonight for the first time since I hurt it.. it looks pretty yucky!! But I have been MRSing it like crazy at work and soaking it in 12 ph Kangen water and tonight I had drops of something called Dynamite put on it..will look more into this product when I have more comp time - I am getting up in a few hours so I should go to bed soon.

Oh, Maria and I stopped and bought fish for Angus on the way into work this morning. Inside joke about "boiled fish" Boiled fish I just discovered is a term used to describe something bland, tasteless, boring. Great term!!! So we bought 2 goldfish, who are living in the Zen den right now. I think these fish are actually for us, lol - Maria's fish is orange and called Nori, mine is orange and white and called Sushi.

Tracy and Angus have 2 black cats who live upstairs and don't come into Rawlicous anymore, they used to before we opened.. still, I am a little concerned for the fish. They are in a wide mouthed round bowl. (Maria & I are bringing crystals in for them tomorrow: )

Following pics are from the day before Rawlicious opened. I just want to save them here - great memories!! (Good Night!)

Hard to believe this was only just over a week ago!! Things are moving fast around here!!


Anonymous said...

Your finger, to speed its healing , before bed eat a couple garlic cloves...

yes spicy but trust me,

then with rubbing alcohol, scrub the hell out of it onece a hour for 2 or 3 hours, drink a few shots vodka or whisky..

Sleep, apon wakeing more alcohol scrub and bandage.

Variations of this remedy work for most wounds/illnesses


Anonymous said...

Hey Robin!

when you say "a bin to dump furniture in on the weekend", does that mean your getting rid of some furniture?
what sort of furniture?


Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Anon #1 - I took your advice and soaked my finger in alcohol, not sure about the scrubbing, not ready for that one.. and didn't drink the vodka or whiskey, although if I had some around I may have and scrubbed a little harder - garlic is more available around here - Thanks for th advice, appreciate it!!

Anon #2, Greg - will try to get time to call, or try me at Rawlicious tomorrow - 416-551-3161