Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cool pics from inside the Sprout Farm

This is the sprout farm at the back of 720 Bathurst. Not everyone gets to come in here, but I took some pics to show you around.. its really great back here. The air feels really fresh and pure, thy are often playing Classical music (the plants love this the most, or Indian or other world music. Its a very serene place amidst the wheatgrass and sunflower and pea sprouts.

Trfor, huge bins of seeds and lots of bags of organic earth (actually soil less mix) to the right.

The roto-tech. These are cool, they are much larger than they look here. These 2 machines, the round things in back,beyond the plastic panel sheets, are where the hydroponic sprouts are grown. They slowly turn on their own. ..& it's fun to watch the people who are on rototech duty in their yellow rubber wetsuits with hoses back there - pretty crazy. I think it looks like more fun than it is, or so I am told. ; )

It's just such a cool healthy space!

Trefor is the sprout Guru at Toronto Sprouts, he's been at it for 17 years!


RawCaribe├▒a said...

Hi Robin!

I enjoyed your restaurant immensely today. The wrap was tasty and the Mono Blanco drove me loca! It's my favourite milkshake to date. I'll try the choco monkey next time.

Santiago was all smiles while I ate. Next time I'll bring the whole family. All the best!

Natalie aka Raw Caribe├▒a

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Natalie, what a surprise!
I didn't even realize you were raw when you were in, great blog & thanks for the post, love the monkey pic!!
Look forward to seeing you (and your family)again soon!!! : )