Sunday, April 27, 2008

Anita Kreituse - Painted Dreams

An art intermission from my piles of boxes. I am moving in the morning, right after an appt. with the lawyer at 7 am (closing of house) and then heading right over after dropping off boxes to Rawlicious, cause Maria is taking over while Angus helps move me. (Love to you both!!)

Dreamy images seem so appropriate, and I will be there dreaming soon.. soo tired, what a week!

Oh & btw, my finger is still not so pretty but healing incredibly rapidly. It seems Dr McDreamy was right and my finger was so big because probably the bone had shattered inside and was not infected like I thought - although I did wash it out well for a few days in alcohol and eat a lot of garlic, host defense, propolis, oil of oregano, as advised, just in case. & I am still MRSing it often.

ok, Painted Dreams - Good Night, sleep well & I'll see you from the other side.

From her website:

Since Anita was a child she often felt the coexistence of simultaneous worlds at the same observation point. Worlds which are so difficult to describe. Worlds which do not compete for dominance but rather complement one another.

So she started to paint instead of talking about what she feels, what her dreams are made of.

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