Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Moving Zoey

So, I am right in the middle of moving. I moved all my things yesterday. I went last night & bought a few new things for my new apartment - suite actually, it's kind of between an apartment and a condo. It's really nice, small but nice. I still have lots to unpack.. but this morning I am heading out to get Zoey, my black cat.

Zoey is my main concern for this move.. he's going from being an outdoor/indoor cat who lives in a house to an indoor apartment cat. I was thinking I can take him out sometimes but have been advised (by many people) against it. I am apprehensive to get him declawed so went out last night to get clippers and will learn how to trim his nails.. and got a scratching post, condo thing and litterbox, treats etc. & found out from the pet store that they have raw food. So I got his regular food, cause he is used to that.. but will probably try to transition him to raw. After all hes used to catching birds & probably mice also. (but I have caught him with birds!)
At least I am saving some of the wildlife! lol
ok,.. time to get him.

Hope he's ok, I have to work today, but will be back early to be with him. (& my internet gets connected tonight & furniture coming - Yay!


Paul said...

When manicuring Zoey, please take advice from a battle scarred veteran: wear an oven mitt on one hand, thick jacket of no sentimental value, and a vinyl apron that covers you to the knee.
Patting always, no kisses, don't let him near your face. They're a little over sensitive about their toes.

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

LOL - actually Zoey was really great and just let me clip his nails - he is transitioning amazingly well!!
Hugs, thanks for the warning though - I was extra gentle & loving because of it. : )