Friday, January 04, 2008

Strategies for Starting a Raw Diet ..and Eating Raw Simply

I just got this great parcel in the mail today from my Mom. She sent me Juliano's Raw - the UNcook Book, which I have been wanting to get a copy of. I actually sent her this for her birthday or something and I had also sent my Matt Amsden's Rawvolution, to check out & which she prefers, so we are trading. Between Mom & I we have almost every raw book there is.. and quite a few we both have.

I love new books.. but I have so many on the go! ..and she sent 4 other ones!!
& a bag of her dehydrated sweet potato chips, which are amazing!!!
I have the best Mom ever. : )

So, more news, a friend of mine from Halifax is going raw soon also, in about 2 weeks.. which is close to the 15th. ..when my other friends are starting. cool.

She came to visit last year and it sounds like she got inspired and had been thinking of it since.. and now is ready to give it a go.

So we were on the phone last night talking about the basics about going raw. Equipment, favorite books, staples, and especially tricks.. like always making sure there is food available, something quick & easy to eat when you come home and are starving.. like even too starving to wait until a green smoothie gets made. You should have some pate in the fridge, crackers made.. always have something like that on hand. Have nuts soaked - nuts can be soaked and dehydrated, a bit of work - the easiest is almonds, which keep at least a week soaking in a bottle of water in the fridge - convenient & really good to have on hand.

Dehydrated foods can be made in bulk and store well in the fridge for a long time. These are foods like nut & seed bars, crackers or breads. They will keep for weeks or even months.

Always have bananas.. buy a few bunches at a time, at different ripening stages, you'll get used to the routine, but make sure you have enough at first - You can always peel them and stick them in the freezer of you ever buy too many (which is doubtful!)

Stock up on lots of fruit (unless for health reasons you are staying away from fruit, but thats another story & strategy) - treat yourself and go crazy in the produce section. Its fun and you always feel better at the checkout when our cart or basket is filled with fruits & veg.

Medjool dates are great - dates with their pit replaced by an almond is just dangerous.. they are so good, try to eat just one!

Always have a salad dressing made up in the fridge. Last month I was really into an oil & vinegar dressing with fresh herbs, garlic, dijon & balsamic vinegar (I know, not raw, but such a tiny amount for such great taste - if you're going 100%, omit those. .. apple cider vinegar is the only raw vinegar.

Now I am really into the Ginger Lemon Date Dressing I lived on for the past year& a half at work. It's so good. Actually for the past few days I have been focused & getting a lot done, and not spending much time prepping food.. even making salads, and one of my quick staples has been a big bowl full of mixed baby lettuces, with just raisins and pine nuts sprinkled on top & then dressing.
sometimes quick & easy is just the way to go.. other things to focus on besides food prep.

Another fairly quick meal I am into - cause I made 2 big bottles of Luke's Green Pate - is collard wraps.Take a collard leaf, cut out the tough stem bottom part.. spread a heaping Tablespoon of pate in the center (or more depending on how big the leaf), load up with sprouts and slices of tomatoes, salt&cayenne, if you like, roll up & eat. (This is pro-raw, for beginners maybe make lighter pate, like Mock Tuna (go to the recipe section from the link) ..and you can use romaine for the wrap, or raw Nori. Nori is what you wrap sushi with, usually it is roasted and green. Raw nori is dried and black and sometimes found in Japanese or Asian stores. There is a high quality raw nori available from Goldmine.

I made some Brazil nut milk yesterday.. it goes a long way, really enjoying it. I really like almond milk, but usually make Brazil nut milk when I am too lazy or don't feel like taking the time to strain. Not that its that much work straining but it seems to be that one step between doing it or not.. you know? & because of the Brazil nuts high fat content (natural fat is good if you are raw) they blend better.. so its like 4:1 water to Brazil nuts.. I usually make 2 c water to 1/2 c Brazil nuts, and add about 6 honey dates - I like it sweet.
I am really into Chai tea right now with this..and yesterday I even added some chocolate truffle mousse for the most amazing Chocolate Brazil Nut Chai tea ever!

wow, this turned out longer than I planned.. a bit of a recap Paige!
& ps. my website is like a 101 basic crash course on raw.

January 15th is looking like a good date to go raw!


Lone Wolf said...

Fruits, nuts, berries, and vegies ROCK!!! You sound like you're really healthy.

angus said...

I received Raw Food Real World for Christmas and am blown away by it ... gorgeous photography (of the food ... and the people too lol!). They are an inspiration.

I know sweet Potato Chips are simple but darned if I can't perfect the removal of starch ... and it's got me in knots. Does your mom or anyone else have a reco? I've done the lemon juice and water thing ... but think I soaked too long and lost too much starch ... is that possible. Any other tips?

Wishing you raw love power,


Mum said...

If Angus (or anyone else) wants to get my recipe and method for 'spicy sweet potato chips', go to my web site

Check archives to find the recipe

I am happy you enjoyed the ones in the parcel.

Thank-you I Love You