Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Aterhov and the Raw Pioneers

I am reading an interesting article Keepin' it Raw by Riaz Dini..

"Arshavir Hovannessian, known as Aterhov, is considered by many the father of the raw food movement. In his book Raw Eating, published in 1960, he wrote,

"By giving up cooked foods and poisonous drugs, thousands of sensible people all over the world have cured themselves of their long-standing illnesses and are now able to enjoy a carefree life of health and happiness..."
Aterhov's book was the main influence for Nature's First Law.

David Wolfe from an article-interview with Bob Avery here

'Q: What advantages do you feel you have you acquired from the all-raw vegan diet?

A: Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins' mentor says, "For every disciplined effort in life, there is a multiple reward." A 100% raw-diet gives me a superior capacity to perform in everything I do. It has liberated my natural self and got me on track to achieving all my goals and desires. And it will do this for everyone who commits to The Raw-Food Diet. Because The Raw-Food Diet is the natural way of living, it brings everything to pass: health, happiness, wealth, freedom, love, and success.'

I have a friend who just ordered lots of old Raw Food Books. It is so fascinating to read the wisdom found in these books! Many of our present day raw leaders and gurus have gotten their information directly from these books. I was having a field day today looking through them.. just touched the surface, but what a goldmine!

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