Friday, January 11, 2008

Japanese acupuncture treatments, Chocolatada tonight & upcoming raw events

Hi! I had an interesting morning, I had a Japanese acupuncture treatment this morning (Christmas present from Mom! yay!!) ..and I am now feeling sleepy. I was told this would happen - it's the body healing.

I hope I am feeling more awake a little later, I would love to go to the New Moon Chocolatada tonight. DJ Carambola is great ..and I would love to hear the Harbour Sharks, a chocolate friend of mine is in the band. I think I should try to make it!

I had all kinds of treatments today, got the works.. I went once 2 years ago and I was in really good shape and I don't remember him doing nearly as many things to me. He remembered me when I called him on the phone "Oh, yes, you're the healthy one" : ) (yes!) ..and this time when I got there and we talked he asked what I am doing??!! My energy was pretty clear (esp. considering all the changes in life etc, they often show up) .. I told him just raw foods. He was skeptical, You know, he says I don't believe in that.. but you're doing something right. Chinese medicine says that everything should be cooked. Thats what he said last time.. "Just keep doing whatever it is that you are doing." He chalked it up to my genes at one point, said you must have very good genes..but I know that I have rejuvenated and that I became much clearer and healthier when I went raw.. why else would I be doing this? It's really quite phenomenal. I don't think most people realize that this level of feeling and being is attainable or even exists. Oh, and he told me I should be a healer, that I would make a great healer. I love that. One day, way in the future, maybe. You never know..

I still have needles in my back, they can stay in for a couple days. They are small, but I can feel them. Japanese needles are smaller than Chinese ones. He also did:

Moxibustion is a form of heat therapy in which the dried herb "mugwort" (artemisia vulgaris) is burned near the surface of the skin in order to trigger natural healing responses in the body. The use of moxibustion predates acupuncture, with records of the practice dating back many centuries B.C.

In Japan, scientists have found that the infrared radiation from burning mugwort is very similar to the natural infrared radiation in the human body. The result is that the heat from moxibustion penetrates deeply into the body, giving a warming effect which lasts for several days after the treatment. This kind of stimulation, at specific points on the body, can dramatically boost the immune system and trigger other profound effects, which include a reduction in blood coagulation time and an increase in adrenal activity.

Cupping - In China, archaeologists have found evidence of cupping dating back to 1,000 B.C. And, the Ebers Papyrus, one of the oldest medical textbooks in the world, describes the systematic use of cupping by the early Egyptians, as far back as 1,550 B.C.

Typically, cups are round vessels, 1" to 3" in diameter, and are applied to the body with vacuum suction. The vacuum is created either by means of heating the air inside the cup or by a mechanical pump. The result is that the cup creates an area of low pressure, causing the blood to gather under the cup near the surface of the body. Through this process, the circulation is dramatically increased around and below the surface of the skin where the cups are applied.

and other therapies. He used a vibrational machine which is commonly used by osteopaths - he held it down along my spinal cord and I could feel my whole body vibrating, very cool!

It was very fascinating! I love going to see him.. he's always amazed at how healthy I am. & that feels great. As I left he said "Ok, see you again in 2 years." Nice!

Oh, and also.. Coming up!

Tomorrow evening is the monthly raw potluck! It will be held again at Toronto Sprouts and starts at 7. I will be there for sure. Thats always lots of fun.

& on Monday evening I am helping Erika with her raw workshop - Fasting, Juicing and Youthing, also being held at Toronto Sprouts. Details at her website - Power of Raw.

"The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes from within the souls of people when they realize that their relationship... Their oneness with the universe & all its powers, & when they realize that at the center of the universe, dwells the Great Spirit, & that this center is really everywhere... For, It is within each of us."
-Black Elk

info & pics on Moxi & Cupping from here


Banana Island said...

How lucky are you? :) I just did an assignment at Z's school with mugwort tea. I drank it, bathed in it, and smudged it, creating a mugwort sauna. I had the love~liest, most vivid dreams.

Happ Day!

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Hi Connie, Thanks for sharing that! What an interesting course you are taking.

I am looking up Mugwort- It promotes lucid and prophetic dreams.. and dreaming in general if you don't already remember yours. Some say it causes a certain type of dream. And also that it can cause nightmares. In fact I read that some Artemisia oils have a warning 'May Cause Nightmares'.

Not sure if Artemisia is actually from Mugwort tho, think its from Wormwood.
from 'The Mugwort is closely allied to the Cornmon Wormwood, but may be readily distinguished by the leaves being white on the under-surfaces only and by the leaf segments being pointed, not blunt. It lacks the essential oil of the Wormwood.'

I think Mugwort grows all around the US-NE., so its probably here around me in Southern Ontario! cool!! Thanks again, Love! K