Friday, January 25, 2008

An Incredible Morning Routine!

I have this new morning routine that has really been working for me.. Today was the 4th day doing this ..but I think this is a keeper!
I was inspired by my Moms smoothie recipe that I posted a few days ago.. but this isn't a smoothie because I have just not felt like eating much in the mornings lately.
So this is what I have been doing..

An Incredible Morning Routine!

1st thing in the morning I get a tall glass of water with phytoplankton mixed into it.
Drink and take a digestive enzyme and then drink another glass of water...

Then I get my morning going.. shower and wake up, do my thing..
and about a 1/2 - an hour later

I get another glass of water and add (aprox. measurements):
1/2 t MSM
1/2 t Maca
1/4 t una de gato (cat's claw - open 500g capsule)
1/4 t fo-ti
1 Host Defense (medicinal mushrooms) cap opened and poured in - can substitute 1/4 t powdered Reishi
1/2 lemon - juiced
1 T agave
a dash of cayenne

stir and drink
it will settle a bit if it sits around so keep the spoon handy..

It actually tastes quite good. However, the Fo-Ti is the strongest tasting herb and if it is left out it will taste better..but its one of those really, really incredible herbs for you .. & well, it's a decision.

I find that when I do this I usually don't feel like eating till noon..which is a really good thing these days because I have been staying up and eating later than usual a lot lately.

This is a real, clear headed, vibrant energy concoction!
Enjoy ..a votre sante!

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