Sunday, January 20, 2008

Smoothie routine

Wow. It was cold in Ottawa! ..But we had a great meeting and good progress was taken toward the upcoming film festival. Lots of planning going on.. yes.

Now, heres my challenge. One person that I am coaching is more raw then I am! ..determined to be 100% for at least a month to test this. So, I am inspired.. and putting away those 80%+ treats (mainly truffles and chocolate) that I like to indulge in. Chocosol makes a few pure raw chocolate varieties - raw vanilla and Sawako snow - going to try both those as an (almost) hot chocolate for us.

Another issue is that we discovered that Vega protein powder, which I had suggested, is not completely raw..a friend of Brendan's told me he thought about 80-90% raw. So for an alternative smoothie idea I called my Mom, who drinks a lot of smoothies and has quite a smoothie routine down.
I usually just have greens and fruit and maybe some flax seeds in mine.
Here's what she drinks in hers.
She has 2 favorite combos, a morning one and an afternoon one.


Greens – e.g. spinach/parsley/baby greens

Fruit- banana/mango/apple/berries

Goji berries

Hemp protein powder (or hemp seeds)

Coconut oil


Ground flax &/or chia seeds




dash cayenne

(bee pollen)

taken with Digestive enzymes




Pumpkin seeds

Black sesame seeds

There are so many smoothie combinations.
Creating an incredible smoothie combination for your first meal of the day can be a perfect way to get lots of greens and superfoods in. That way it feels like your nutritional intake is covered and anything else you have during the day is just bonus.


Mum said...

I love the butterflies ... wishing you and your protege great energy and happiness with your smoothies

Lots of Love


shell said...

Hello :) seems like i haven't stopped by to say hi for ages...i just passed the Inspirational Blogger Award on to you! Catch! Thankyou for being amazing....Love + kisses xxxxxx

Kristen's Raw said...

Smoothies are all the rage in my house these days. Throwing pretty much everthing (raw) in and creating so many fun combinations :)


Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Thanks Mom! : )

Shell, wow! Thank you so much! What an awesome honour!!! Love you too my most amazing raw friend, xox!!! : )

Kristen - Its amazing the different combination of raw smoothies I have heard of & tried that are amazing! I know of so many people that are literally living on smoothies lately - They are such a fun, quick, and incredible source of nutrition!
I totally get the smoothie craze!!

xo, Love to all! Keiko