Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Best Decadently Healthy Junk-Food Day Ever! ..Keeping Busy

This is my glass of OJ - blood oranges- delicious! that I had Sunday morning.. that was the only morning I haven't been doing my new morning routine .. was just in one of those moods.

& I was indulging in cashews sprinkled with sesame oil& salt.. and lots of Hot Choc- Rawket Raw Tehate! The totally amazing decadent drink, my favorite!!!

Thats funny, that my junk-food day is fresh squeezed orange juice and raw nuts, chocolate etc!! This lifestyle is definitely a win-win situation!

I realized I haven't been here as much lately, but I will be again. Still busy and focused
Whats up? Lots ! I am cleaning out my house getting it ready to fix up, plaster, paint.. will be selling it this spring.
Went yesterday morning to FoodShare, checking out their commercial kitchen to rent to make our raw bread, getting ideas. They have a huge mixer! would love to try that. but we have other kitchens to check out, fun! ..formulating plans, spent this afternoon going through more old raw & health books, really fascinating.
& of course lots of reading & writing..
Tomorrow I am going to Chocosol - The Cacao Loft - to make Raw Chocolate Cookies.
Oh & I have just gained access to the JuiceFeasting site for 30 days so will explore and post on that soon also. cool!

~Hugs~ Have a beautiful day!! xo

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