Monday, June 29, 2009

New Beginnings

It's Monday.
It feels like completely new start. I am not going into work today.. I am working for myself right now. & I'm getting ready for my motley pheonix program to start.. My Mom & I decided to start July1 (she's my accountability partner, although I am not sure how much I need one - I am generally pretty focused and good at working on my own, hard working, initiative, all that) But, I am getting ready for in 2 days..

I wrote out a list and already have everything done on it.. but I realized how much it feels like a new beginning right now.
~ Last night I lost everything on my IPod & also on ITunes - all gone!! I found few songs on my daughters computer and I downloaded a bunch more - especially gym music. I love world music and various eclectic stuff to listen to most the time, but at the gym I love hip-hop and contemporary up-beat stuff, really fun - so I got that all set up and a new playlist created.

~ I just set up banking with a new bank and just set up online banking this morning (hows that for a fresh start)

~ I have 2008 taxes still to do (tomorrow) but it will feel like a fresh start after that also.

~ My computer is completely messed.. and I have been struggling with getting files out of obscure places on it for the past couple weeks and it is going in to get fixed in an hour or soon.
My other laptop is where I had my Itunes and it went completely dead last night - Completely - No life at all!!! and it's old & I am not resuscitating it. Hows that for a new beginning!? Forget it - I'm moving on..

: ) LOving the new beginning and starting fresh!

btw, I went to the gym & had the best workout ever!!! 20 min cardio, weights, 50 more min cardio.. I was obviously enjoying my new gym music!! : ) Yay -Here's to moving forward!

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