Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beauty, Healing, Bliss, Fantasy, Energy, Shamans and Overriding Overwhelmedness

I am finding Joy and Beauty everywhere lately.. things that used to bother me, rarely do now.
I am loving that. I do however, have an intensity of feelings.. and do experience some feelings of overwhelm-edness .. I am not sure if this is just from overworking, or from all of the transitions in my life right now (I think I am becoming a butterfly! ) , or if I am just tapping into the collective consciousness.

I am happy almost all the time, with moments of wow, I am feeling really overwhelmed; I have so much to do that I can't do anything. A few things I have found that help with this:

1. just stopping and meditating 10 minutes, removing myself from the outside world
2. writing a list of things I need to do & prioritizing, numbering them
3. getting myself into another environment: a trip to ChocoSol, Sprouts, even the grocery store.. yesterday it happened and I went to Rawlicious and got right out of it. The gym would be great also.

I have really enjoyed Jinjees last few e-mails:

On Healing the Planet:
"How arrogant to think that we can heal the planet, when it is the planet which can heal us, if we would only let it! If we would have the humility to believe that.

The planet will be here long after we are gone. But if we work with nature through this green revolution including a green diet, we can heal ourselves! And yes, the planet will be a little happier too! What's good for us is good for the planet; we are made of the same stuff."

on Fruit Fasting:
"If all you eat is fruit for a couple of days, you don't even want anything else! Suddenly nothing else will do! It is all you want! You have to have the good stuff! Not that I'm recommending eating only fruit as a permanent diet, but it is an absolutely awesome experience to eat just fruit for a few days. Try it sometime this summer! It is an inexpensive ticket to another and blissful reality!"

I have been remembering the wildest and most wonderful, wacky dreams.. fantasy all mixed up with reality lately. Really, really crazy and yet profound. I love it!!

My Mom sends me the most inspiring e-mails .. because she lives and breathes love, joy and happiness every moment, she is a most amazing ( and humble) woman!
"I am certainly gaining a lot from practicing Qigong ... it is amazing
how much better I do my Tai Chi forms now. The energy channels are
really opening ... giving me lots more flexibility and a deep joy
that seems almost constant. It is very awesome."
Mom also sent me a link for The Shaman Shack, which I am quite intrigued with.

and I love this quote on his page of pictures of friends:
"Since starting Shamanshack 3 years ago, I have been blessed to come into the most fascinating group of people Ive ever known. These friends include true shamans, lightworkers of all types, my apprentices and shining examples of the new seed race of the spiritual human. These lightworkers are re-creating a pristine world. They're already at work rejuvenating our Mother through promotion of Permaculture food forestry and bio dynamic organic sustainable farming. We're showing the way of the light by bringing a new spiritual symbiotic consciousness. Eating Raw food, affirming loving thoughts of peace and interconnectedness of all beings. Pure high-frequency organic raw living foods and High vibrational Tonic herbs are premier among the great driving forces of our mind-body purification. As an old way of burning, division and consumption crumbles, we must be the light, the guides. Come on and be with us in the light of the NEW CONSCIOUSNESS."

Create for yourself the most beautiful, awe-inspiring, happy day yet! xo


MUM said...

YOU are BEAUTIFUL ! You inspire many others ... especially me !


Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

: ) awww, shucks!
lol, Thanks Mom! xo Love you too!