Thursday, June 18, 2009

On Vacation in N.B.

I am on vacation in sunny New Brunswick! It's been great so far.. amazing sunny day for a road trip - it's a 15-16 hour drive aprox. We left Tues afternoon, and took our time, driving along the water.. we stopped into Port Hope (pic below) for lunch.. and then drove through & around Montreal and had dinner at a nice patio bistro-restaurant, salads for the 2 of us who are raw.. then to straight-thru driving until morning.. we pulled in around 10am. Mom skipped her Tai-Chi practise.. I was traveloguing her of our where abouts from my blackberry.
Ate a lot of bananas and strawberries on the trip - and tea, I made almond milk just before we left.. oh, and granola that I made for the trip.

Mom & I exchanged things we had gotten for each other - she needed chocolate, & I got LOts from ChocSol for her, himalayan salt, organic Cayenne - she does well staying raw here, not everything is as easy to find as it is for me in Toronto.. she orders these huge orders from Living Tree regularly! She had bought 2 beautiful blue glass bottles for me to make solar water in!! Yay.
I brought her my purple glass bottle. I will get another soon. & she got me diatomaceous earth, which I have been wanting to try.

Also pictured.. wild rose petals which I had picked from the rose bushes around her house and had been holding and smelling - incredible!!! maps - my HRM dvd's - going to watch them again soon - solar healing is one of the most powerful & wonderful things ever!! LOve that!

Mom had pizza crust ready straight from the dehydrator and made Pizza sauce, Cashew cheese, and Pine Nut Parmesan.. Last Night we had Pizza and a big beautiful salad and it was amazing!!!

Today we spent the day at the beach - we are all a bit red, oops. But it was so beautiful and sunny out!! absolutely excellent!!! .. and came home to dinner made by Mom again.. a Huge Salad, dip and crackers, cut up veggies and she had made cooked blueberry pies earlier for my son, Nick, his favorite.. but then she went and made a Berry Crumble for us which was served warm from the dehydrator. I can't even tell you how delicious it was - Incredible. She hand picked wild organic blueberries and black raspberries also had strawberries.. Mmmm!!

Tomorrow we are leaving for the wedding. It's somewhere between Lunenburg and Liverpool, an hour from Halifax, NS, on the south shore, we have cottages rented for 2 nights. They are getting married on the beach. I am expecting a very untraditional, maybe unusual wedding, if I know my brother and his wife to be (who I went to high school & art school (NSCAD) with many years ago)
Afterwards we are taking the long way back.. we are going to go on the ferry to Prince Edward Island and then back over the bridge.. another road trip! Yay!!
See you in a few days!! xo


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Gloria said...

Your pizza is soooo tempting! I have never tried broccoli on pizza. My favorite is marinara, pesto, tomatoes, and basil on a buckwheat crust. mmm.