Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Green Smoothies and Road Trips

We are just heading out on another road trip.. since we've been back from the wedding we have been going on small day trips. Moncton, my hometown is great in that if you go 20 minutes in one direction you end up at the beach, the ocean coast.. and 20 minutes in the other direction will land you right in the middle of Albert county - very country! It's a very diverse and fun place.
Today we are going to Hopewell Rocks and to Fundy Park, lots of walking trails in there, maybe along one.. or to St Mary's, Cape Enrage.. and check out where my summer home was on the way & Randy's Inn.

Mom just packed us a picnic with a watermelon and green smoothies.. she makes the best, most intense and diverse green smoothies around!! Made with lots of greens from her garden! ..

..some Mint leaves and Cacao on top..

..and Maca
She reads the best books. I love coming here & going through her book shelves!!

ok, they are ushering me out.. Road trip!!


Kristen's Raw said...

Oh! How I love watermelon and green smoothies!!!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Me too Kristen! I could live on them - well, and mangoes ; )
Great to hear from you!