Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Journeys - Creating and Flowing

Hey.. that's not a picture of my trip to NB. nope, cause I have something else on my mind.
I am in the middle of tearing the house apart, cleaning like crazy, inside & outside .. rearranging furniture in the office. I gave James a HUGE wall map 8x13' for his birthday + and we are making way for it.. and yard work, I have a huge blister on my finger!!
I am still in transition mode.. but just getting ready to start a new cycle ..about to start new projects, and start up some that got set aside.

I am just starting a success program and have been looking at goals.. thinking about what I want from life. ..and I think this is a really good exercise.

But I am thinking about the difference between manifesting our desires - consciously visualizing and creating.. and letting go -following the path of our highest potential as nature intends.
There is a big difference between the 2.
In one we are separate, we believe ourselves to be the best judge of our lives and of what we need to make us happy. In the other we surrender, we recognize ourselves as part of a greater whole, and realize that we don't always know what is best for us.

I am realizing that I don't really know whats best for me. We can want a million dollars and an abundance of material things.. but I think its more important to follow our highest destiny.. and maybe that doesn't include all these things.. maybe the $ wont make us happy.. maybe there is different path which we are not seeing which leads us to our highest destiny.
So, I am going into this with that realization.. (although I ultimately believe we are all meant to be and have abundance!)

I am going to still read every day my (very extensive) list of goals.. and watch my animated vision board.. Fun. The internet is an amazing thing.. it really assists us to shop from the catalogue of the World!!
&I really do believe that we can have anything we want.. if we open ourselves to it, clear any belief patterns which may be keeping us from it.. but I ultimately think that helping others, being happy is worth more than all the money and adventures in the world.
and that there is an ultimate path already laid out for our highest being.. and we need to be intune and ask for clear directions..
so that we can have the best, most fun, happy and adventurous journey ever!

Enjoying the ride! Peace!


Your Mum said...

Lots of wisdom here ... deeply meaningful message ... love it and LOVE U

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks Mom, Love u too! xo