Friday, June 05, 2009

The Best Errands Ever! : ChocoSol, Kensington Market and Toronto Sprouts

My afternoon of errands.. I stopped by one of my favorite places - ChocoSol - to pick up lots of cacao for me & to bring home (NB) to my Mom!! Lots of flavours and freshly made nibs. Mmm!!! the bestest highest vibe chocolate ever!!! I love their chocolate.. and I love that they make raw flavours also!! : )
This room that Michael is in has just been built this year ..and Now there is a plan, a vision for...- see drawing below..
..for the rooftop gathering and meditation space, herb garden and above bike energy technology to power a sound system below.. amazing visions and growth going on here..
& it was amazing to see Rosie back!! : ) She was in Halifax for awhile.. where I am going soon! Looking so forward to that!

The ChocoSol kitchen, lots of action!

Next up, Kensington Market.. supplies for raw experimenting creations..

Every time I come here it just keeps getting better!

Toronto Sprouts! I love the green drink on the desk.. a sign of a truly high-vibe place.. wheatgrass powered!

Rachel! : )
It's emptying out.. getting barer & barer all the time.. what will happen to Toronto Sprouts?

Production is still going on..

I love this scene! Wish I could provide scent and oxygen enhanced pictures for you!!

& now I am home.. have special crackers in the dehydrator (dragon wings!), downloading new music to my ipod and about to create my animated vision board. I have been dreaming and envisioning beautiful things and images to put on it. Fun! xo, Love & peace!!

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