Thursday, August 28, 2008

Superfood Breakfast on the run.. ..and Mason Jars

Yesterday morning I was running late & had this great idea for breakfast. I took out a mason jar, I love using glass jars to store and carry food in. We use glass to store almost everything in at Rawlicious. One thing I loved when I started working at Rawlicious, way before the cafe even opened, when I first went to see Angus and Tracy and plan the adventure, was that they have these incredibly beautiful dishes and they drink out of mason jars. They have very beautiful glasses, which we used sometimes also.. but I really loved drinking out of of mason jars. I have developed a huge appreciation for glass jars in my life now.. and can often be seen walking down the street with a jar of something incredible to eat. One of my favs was bringing the kelp noodle soup and chopsticks.. I was transporting it at the time but I love the idea that you can just sit down under any tree at any time and have lunch. and then use the glass jar for drinking out of later.. I may seem a little enthused about such a small thing, but it's a great thing to get into - no recycling, handy, clean.. make your own solar water all the time. ..ok, breakfast

Breakfast in a Bottle

In a bottle put 2 T Ruth's Chia Goodness (blend of chia, hemp & buckwheat) or if you don't have this you can just put some chia seeds, hemp seeds and buckwheat if you have it.
Add superfoods:
2 T Goji berries
1-2 T Cacao nibs
1 t Bee pollen
1 t Maca
1 T Honey or Agave
Then add fruit, I added a cut up pear.. but berries would be wonderful, frozen would be fine..and tropical, mangoes and pineapple, banana would be excellent also.
Cover with water.. I used fairly warm-hot water.. I was thinking of a hot oatmeal type cereal I think.. cause I got to work a bit later and poured it in a bowl, although you could eat it out of the jar with a spoon, and added almond milk and some agave.

A Superheroes Superfood Breakfast of Champions! Sustaining and really Delicious!


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