Saturday, August 30, 2008

Books and Things I am Into

Hey random blog here - I've got half an hour till I really have to get moving - lots to accomplish today - going to do some real inner work, real soul deprogramming stuff, thats as important as the other physical mundane things: book-writing, working.. more so, getting myself cleared and cleaned-out also cleans and clears the world. Its the way it works: heal yourself, heal the world.. and thats where real inspiration can come through also.

Song to this blog: I'll take you There by The Staple Singers (1971) - It's in my head
I am so into my books these days - devouring them.. I will take the subway whenever possible now just to get in extra reading time. I started The User Illusion by Tor Norretranders,a couple weeks ago- it's sooo scientific, crazy - about physics, theories, hardcore - Mom said that if you can get past the first few chapters its starts getting good and not as difficult.. Dr Len gave this book to someone as the basis of understanding Ho'oponopono, the ancient healing technique, which I love and practise regularly.. ok, so I got through a few chapters, still not easy, taking a break.. just finished last night Abraham-Hicks's The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent - easy read & I just love and groove on their stuff, always makes me feel great. 1 down.. and Mom just sent me David Wolfe's and Nick Good's Amazing Grace, which she didn't really get into but I am loving!!! Lots about some pretty out there stuff, Aliens, Angels, Cpt. John Newton, Ayahuasca, Superhero Actictivation, the 7 Principles of Huna, can you tell I am enthused about this one??? Oh yeah, bring it on! all my favorite things!! & yesterday Donna Lynn came into Rawlicious and gave me a copy of her book Dial Love. Looking forward to checking that out very, very soon, maybe tomorrow. I am just devouring Amazing Grace! BUt I know a lot and have read up on most of the things in it. I have the SuccessUltraNow cd's. bought 4 of them when the site first opened, love this stuff!

Ohh.. and I want to get back into reading a bit of Len Horowitz. I have his book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, which is a bit of a read and got shelved for the past year since I bought it - why do I have a tendency to buy the most difficult books, y'know Urantia, stuff like that? I haven't read a novel in a decade, maybe The Count of Monte Cristo on a beach somewhere sometime soon. but off track - Marie just read Len Horowitz's Love, the Real DaVinci Code. She was so excited telling me how she know gets scientifically how Dr Masaru Emoto's water crystals work (The Hidden Messages in Water - another easy, great essential book!) she rhymed off info on chemistry, molecules, sacred geometry, it al pieces together and how it all makes sense to her now & how with us being water beings we can put any intention on the water and it becomes us and we will feel the intention we put into the water.. I mean we know this on a surface level, but it struck her in a very deep way.. so now I am going around with a waterglass at work written on it 128 (my ideal, pre-kids weight) I tend to stabilize at 135, and thats with eating chocolate, icecream, cheezecake whatever I want, whenever I want.. yup, she says I can still do all that & I only have to write 128 on my glass and so another experiment is being done on my body.
ButI have to go now.. time for a quick walk on the beach, buy a case of mangoes and off to another experiment on my body, white afternoon.

Kellan - Day 4 - Raw - Feeling great, healthy..although he feels his energy is a little low, thinking it maybe was still from his early flight out of Halifax. He had a nap in the afternoon and slept in in the morning. I think it might be detox symptoms, often people get tired at first, there are a lot of symptoms that can happen from detoxing, tiredness, slight cold symptoms - mucousy and it often takes awhile for bowels to get straightened out, sometimes running for the bathroom, so you have to be careful to go raw at whatever level you are comfortable with and what suits your lifestyle - If you go 100% overnight, the symptoms will be stronger but they will pass sooner, everyone should take it at their own pace.

Kellan asked if Balsamic vinegar is raw, just writing this in my recipe book, but nope, not raw, the only raw vinegar is apple cider vinegar, but many 100% raw foodists stay away from all vinegars. I include balsamic in my diet occasionally but I'm on the 95% raw route.

Kellan had figs and grapefruit in the morning, a Kale and Broccoli salad he made with the balsamic v, nama shoyu and lime juice, it had onions and garlic also. He also had guacamole made with habanero peppers which he ate with a spoon, just like that and he stopped by a Thai restaurant and they had a green papaya salad which was raw, he made his own dressing for it at home with fresh figs, lime juice and olive oil. Wow! he said the papaya wasn't sweet like he expected but crunchy, kind of like cucumber and the salad had tomatoes and green onion. Often in the tropics papayas and mangoes are eaten when not ripe yet, not yet sweet, with a savory dressing of vinegar and salt and pepper.
I am so impressed - Kellan seems pro already! Way to go!!!

Alex - Day 2 - Juice Feasting - Alex did a water fast all day. I asked if this was wise (as juice feasting is quite different from fasting) and she said she just felt like doing it. & actually when I thought about it it made sense - I went raw after a Master Cleanse, just drinking that lemon juice for 10 days - it's like your body feels so clean and pure and you just feel like keeping it that way for awhile.. it worked perfectly for me, so I figure maybe it's the same idea.. and it just felt good to her. So great - Hopefully she has her strength up though to continue.

She slept a lot, 12 hours and thats natural, like Kellan, when your body is detoxing and readjusting. She said she only felt out to lunch 1-2 times today - lol
and she added probiotics to her supplement line-up - which I haven't even gotten into but I will soon!


South Africa - Ho'oponopono said...

thank you for the wonderful article, and your pictures are beautiful.
Kinf regards,
Saul Maraney
Johannesburg, South Africa

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks Saul, Nice to meet you - checking out your blog, Youtube videos, .. & just downloaded Mabel Katz's interview ; )
Great work!
Peace and love, R