Saturday, August 16, 2008

Durian Party and Music Market

Just in from a full day at Rawlicious.. and now off to a durian party. Chillin' with my raw buds.. nice! I need some relax time - but still want to be around people - maybe something about getting off into my own space, a private trip into the multidinensional complex spiritual world, that makes me feel like being around people.. I am tired but - well, guess I'm just the type that feels best when around others. & what better way to relax than with friends and a durian! ; ) ??

So I am heading out in 10 mins! quickly... going to check out a music market also on the way at the Concord Cafe - no idea what a music market is.. will soon find out!

I am so into recapping bits and pieces of my life - just got on Twitter recently - it's kind of cool to check up on my fav raw friends and people.. interesting idea.

ok, so quick post - real life is taking precedence - yikes, times up!
Have a wonderful evening!! ~Hugs!~


HiHoRosie said...

durians sure are cool looking. All those spikes! I've yet to try one tho' ... I'm too scared. :)

Michelle J said...

So whats a music market??

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

You HAVE to try it!! But best with a raw friend - there is some kind of special bonding thing that goes on with sharing durians!! Come to Toronto in Durian season (fall/wonter) & we will have a party!

Michelle - well, I got to the music market fairly early - had no idea what to expect - or what time it was, I got there just after 9pm. The chocolate guys weren't there yet, music and vendors selling clothing, trays of fruit cut up.. JayZ playing and a couple turntables, think it was going to get a little loud * wild after 10, lots of people grouped up outside - but didn't wait around, we went off to the durian party - Hugs! R