Friday, August 29, 2008

Documenting Alex - Day 1 - Juice Feasting and Kellan - Day 3 - Raw

Meet Alex and Kellan. I have decided to document their journeys, Alex with Juice Feasting and Kellan as a new Raw Foodist.

Alex is 23 and has been working with us at Rawlicious almost since we started. I remember on opening day she was at the bar talking to us , enthused about the venture and she has, ever since then, rolled up her sleeves and joined us on our mission to spread the raw news of glowing health and high-vibe energy.

Alex has been raw since September '06. She heard about raw from a friend of hers in Montreal who she had previously gone to school with. He was really enthused about it at the time when he just started ..but it wasn't until years later (sept 06) when he heard that she was diagnosed with cancer for the first time, that he contacted her. They got together and he told her all about it and gave her lots of info and books to read about the healing power of raw foods. She has been raw since.

This is Alex's 3rd, 4th or 5th (?) attempt at Juice Feasting. She has decided that this time she is going to go the whole 92 days! (and instead of teasing her) we decided to really help her. Angus has a sign put up on the board in our kitchen (see below) & I decided to document her progress at the end of each blog I will track her (& Kellans progress).

Kellan's 1st day in the Rawlicious kitchen was last night, although we have gotten to know him a bit aready. He has been in to eat (and borrow raw books) a few times previously with his girlfriend Jasmine. Kellan even met my Mom and stayed at her place overnight a few weeks ago while traveling to visit Jasmine in NB and volunteer on an organic farm for several weeks while there. He and Mom shared delicious green smoothies with wild greens from her garden and he turned her onto Leonard Cohen, he's a big fan!

Yesterday was Kellan's 3rd day raw. This is his 3rd attempt to go raw and is feeling determined to do it this time. I decided to document both of them - just for fun, it seemed good all the way around, gives them accountability, me an interesting story and you information and inspiration and intrigue..?

Kellan went raw for the first time for almost a week. ..but he was weight training and was concerned that he wasn't getting the protein and everything he needed for muscle strength. This is a common dilemma for many people and especially men going raw. He is going to read Steve Arlin's Raw Power and I will look up some raw men who work out a lot and have muscular physiques and post them in another post soon. I know of a few, just have to find them!

Kellan went raw a 2nd time and stopped when he went to NB to visit Jasmine and work on the organic farm recently. He was living in a commune setting and thought it would be too hard to eat differently from everyone else. He was not familiar with raw and looking back he says he could have done it, but... now he's back and getting back into it.

Paul came to visit last night also. Thats him in the middle with the pineapple. Pineapples are the best. This is way off topic but a couple years ago Maxine gave Kaiya a pineapple man for her birthday with strawberry eyes and well, like a Mr. Potato Head with fruits toothpicked on & it was so funny and one of Kaiyas favorite presents, just in case anyone is looking for a great gift.

Right, Paul - he is working with us at Rawlicious also - usually on Friday evenings and Saturdays. We met Paul when he came into the restaurant right after a huge event with David Wolfe and the gang for 4 days in Orangeville. He is on a serious, actually not at all, he is very funny!!!, high vibrational frequency. Paul is studying music at Humber, he is a talented musician who was found while playing by the dean of Humber, got a grant, how cool and now he is here hanging in the the best place in To to be. He is a big jazz, yoga and pineapple fan. ..but aren't we all!!!? ; )

Kellan and Paul had wraps and Alex had her plate of supplements and water. I will document the supplements she is taking very soon. time for me to move on.. my buzzer just went..

Alex- Day 1 - Juicefeasting - very headachy! yikes, it's started. Alex has not made it past 10-14 days previously, thats when she really starts having a hard time and she is suggesting now that we build a padded room for her in the basement. This is going to be fun.

Kellan - Day 3 - Raw - Feeling good. Yesterday he said he noticed his stomach feeling a little funny.. not a bad funny, but it was like he felt it working..could actually kind of feel the digesting. When eating cooked foods he didn't notice that, just felt tired and like his stomach stopped working, on raw food he is more aware of it.

I found this interesting because I could relate.. I don't notice it as much now because I get focused on other things but if I stop and feel.. its like I can feel everything, very subtly though, like blood moving in my body, rhythms, flutters, vibrations, beats.. an beautiful symphonic orchestra is playing in my body..and maybe it all starts with digestion and breathing.. clearing out the grunge so you can hear it.


Mum said...

Way to go Kellan and Alex! My congratulations ... Thanks for posting this adventure, Robin, I will be following with sincere admiration and interest.

H. said...

Hey Robin,

Here are a couple of links to some of the better known buff raw guys out there... purely for Kellan of course! ;)

Dr Jameth Sheridan:

...and some of the people he's helped:

Mathew Grace:

Raw Model + Buff Black Raw Guy:

Storm Talifero (at nearly 60!) & Shannon Oliver:

Charlie Abel:



PS Hope to catch up with you guys soon! Hope everything's going awesome.

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks Mom!!
Piers, Thank you so much - that is a Huge time-saving help. I will write a raw muscle post very soon, and use these links. I was amazed by Shannon's story when I read it a few years ago and have been wanting to post it and on this topic fro awhile.
So great to hear from you - yes, we are definitely due for a real-life chat, sure it's coming up soon. xo Hugs to you & Sheryl! R
Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the updates! So much good information! Three cheers for all of you!



sending all my luv your way