Saturday, August 09, 2008

the Scene

So.. whats it like working in a raw food cafe? this little urban high-vibe oasis we have created for ourselves.. this little island of happiness amidst the wild jungle out there, or is the jungle in here?

Sometimes I look at scenarios happening in the kitchen and think to myself "Is this for real?" Sometimes it seems that we really have it happening - with our high vibrations and positive energies - out to save the world and spread peace and understanding to the mainstream..
But sometimes I look on from my head that is up there on the ceiling and just laugh.
Let's see.. we are sure there are some amongst us who are aliens, some of us joke about it, some are sure of it.. but there is likely one who works occasionally in our kitchen. ...& we really need to be careful just in case, right? (only 144,000 spaces on that spaceship after all) lol We laugh and dance and sing a lot and joke and hug and like to be amused.. there are conspiracy theorists amongst us, not many in our kitchen but they frequent the bar and amuse us lots.. check out David Icke online, .. we have colon hydrotherapists like most people have dentists, and drink lots of green juice which makes us all clear and tingly and of course theres keeping up that constant high that most of us go for in the raw food community with chocolate, maca, colloidal gold.. whats the new thing, oh maybe some superfire something that'll do this and that to you- and the cleaner and clearer your system is the better it works.. so bring it on..
oh, and Marias MIA, shes just back to the physical world from a week away in the spiritual world, it's crazy busy but someone just found her in the basement getting a healing - they are down there holding hands - so, important stuff behind the scenes - we take care of our own! And we have great music - I take great pride in the Ipod playlist I've created, mostly world music but with eclectic mix of everything great - old, new, offbeat - but tonight Paul has his beatnik jazz, which is working for us all just fine - except Maria, who's having a bit of a time coming back to us - thats ok, we just get her to experiment with a raw chocolate cake to get her groove back.
Oh and now we are all going to Brazil for Christmas, to a nude beach.. Raw foodists are big on going places with little clothes, skinnydipping, hot springs, one of the perks of being raw is loving your body!!
& while in Brazil we are going to go to Vale do Amanhecer, my choice (fascinating place- another post soon) - and wild so we will HAVE to go to another place to get cleared from being there.
Oh, and The Raw Spirit Fest is coming up - that's a major decision - I thought I had canceled it out - so expensive but lots of options, a house available with people I Love, salt water pool, huge, and cheap if there are lots of us.. or camping with another friend.. will see
So many adventures, how could anyone living on this planet ever get bored?
And one of the best raw things is it is always perfect all the time anyway.. so if I am not there I will just be in another perfect scenario - wow, its amazing how this keeps happening day after day - it just keeps unfolding and getting better and better.. am I high? Maybe
Is it incredibly fun and wonderful and interesting all the time behind the counter of Rawlicious? Yes, most definitely!

Love Life - Hug Yourself, Hug Others, Eat Raw, Think Incredibly Creative and Wild Thoughts - Manifest your Dreams - Expand on them ..and Be Happy!

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