Sunday, August 17, 2008

Parties, Music and Soul food

I got this great painting at the durian party last night. I just said I loved it & it was offered to me I love this pic of the artist walking underneath it. He's a musician also - Lots of great music last night!!! & great conversations, I stayed for hours longer than I planned to. Fun!

Some very creative Durian smoothies were being created in the kitchen - I had one I loved made with Durian, E3Live chocolate bar, Ginger, Yerba Mate and Coconut water.
There was one about to be made with beets before I left - I missed that one, that would have been interesting!

And another fav thing was a square plate with chunks of E3Live chocolate cut up, blueberries, goji berries, some honey in the corners and drizzled with maple syrup. Now theres a sensual appetizer for you! very cool!!! So delicious - such a beautiful creative evening!

Today was Kaiya's birthday. I spent the day with Jim (my husband) preparing for a big family celebration. Made a few huge fruit trays and salads at his place. It was an incredible food spread.. but there was so much fresh raw foods. (I guess a bit of that was my doing! ) The one that went the fastest was a big plate with cucumbers cut in long strips, tomatoes and avocados sliced, and just some salt and pepper ground on top - so simple but really really delicious. I kept cutting up and bringing out more. It was such a clear sunny day and theres nothing quite like sitting outside with family and friends with lots of colourful fresh fruits and vegetables to make you feel great. Soul food.
It was an incredibly beautiful and abundant day!

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