Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ending the Master Cleanse

I did it, 10 full days on the Master Cleanse.. not an iota of cheating ; ) To be honest tho, it is a lot easier when you dont cheat. I did it one time, a few yeas ago, with someone I worked with who kept leading me astray.. lol & it was excruciating, we were going 14 days and I ended the 13th.. the last few days were so hard! & it just shouldnt be that way!! It should be easy and smooth.. just the way it was this time. & I think the main key is not cheating.. not even the slightest bit. The whole idea is for the digestive system to stop working and have a break.. and if you go and tease it a bit, it freaks out.. kindof starts up and doesnt know whats going on. But when you stop completely after about a day you are not even hungry anymore.. so its just getting your mind off food, because the body is ok after a day, sometimes up to 2 if you are used to eating a lot (I think thats what it is) and then the body uses that energy that it is not using by digesting, which is a lot! and directs it to other places.. healing and cleaning up and sorting out other issues.

So, I broke my cleanse with a small 4 oz green smoothie in the morning - kale, blueberry, banana, pear.. another a few hours later, and another in another few hours. Late afternoon I had a pickled beet and then another(?? lol I think its all the pickling influence lately) and later I had a small salad, twice, my daughter had it with me.. and they were so good.. we had to do it again in a few hours.. they were romaine, tomato, green onion, avocado, hemp seeds, a bit of lightly steamed spinach on top (for raw, just mix spinach with a little olive oil, s & p & dehydrate until warm and wilted - it's a great warm winter thing to put on a salad!) & balsamic vinaigrette.
Oh & I had a tiny square of chocolate in the evening - just one - it was my 1st chocolate in almost 12 days!.. and it tasted even better than I remembered!!! My senses are all so acute and heightened, its so cool, I love that!! oh & a cup of tea yesterday - thats it, that was my day.. but I love how even a cup of tea is so wonderful after.. such appreciation for the little things in life. Everything just bursts with flavor!

& I am convinced that the cleaner you are, the happier you are to be alive and the more alive you feel. Life is great! xo, Have a beautiful day!!


Mum said...

Congratulations ... what a gift to your self !

I love you.

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