Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Super New Year!!

I just came up from the kitchen.. just made some Festive holiday Biscotti. I have made a few adaptations of a recipe I came up with that I really like.. but I think this one might be the best!!! However, & I'm sorry I'm not posting the recipe but maybe it will become part of the Raw Pantry/Bistro collection?? I love that my job is coming up with delicious raw recipes - Imagine that!!?? The sad part is that I don't post as many recipes.. but maybe one day - recipe books will come out! : )

So, it's New Years Eve!! I'm excited! I love New Years. & I feel like this one is going to be especially Magical! & for lots of people.. great things are happening to lots of my friends, everything is just feeling UP. Looking back, I think that 2009, was for me a year of rest and recuperation. Last New Years I spent at an ayahuascan ceremony.. and everything culminated there.. I had been put on my astral doctors bedrest. No joke. I felt it was more of an emotional-spiritual thing that I was healing from.. and recuperation, to really get strong, I felt I needed to take care for awhile.. and I did. & now I am feeling so much lighter and clearer. I had been on a heavy deprogramming, getting to zero, quest for the past few years.. that will always continue as we keep picking up stuff.. My life is so much about Ho'oponopono!

So, yeah, I feel like 2009 was about clearing and cleansing.. and 2010 so far feels like its going to be all about action!

I went this morning to the gym. & here's a recipe I will give you - I have been playing around for years with superfood concoctions before going to the gym. This one seemed to work very well.. and v easy!

In a small bowl put one small spoon of Maca, one small spoon of Spirulina, 2 spoons of Cacao (raw powder), 1 spoonful of Coconut butter, 1 small spoon of honey (or agave for a vegan alternative) a little bit of water, a spoonful, just enough to blend into a paste.

So I took a Large spoonful of Bee Pollen with a glass of water, ate my Superhero Chocolate Icing concoction above .. & had lots & lots of energy!!

I love making blender superfood smoothies too.. but this was so quick and easy!

ps. Check out the Huge blender jar my Mom gave me for Christmas! Its awesome. I always push the limits of how much I can get into the blender without it oozing out the top, or worse exploding , lol - Its happened a few times. & Mom, sorry to tell you but I did it again even with this huge container this afternoon! lol One day I will learn.

Happy Super, Bright & Beautiful.. & Energetic New Year to you!! xo! Love & Peace


Mum said...

Glad you are using your gift ... the biscotti looks amazing !
I enjoyed very much the Glenda Green interview ... Thanks for posting it.

Much Love ... the real thing.

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

To the Best Mom Ever!
; ) my pleasure!!
xo, Hugs and Love always!! R