Monday, December 28, 2009

Love without End, Jesus Speaks - Quotes

"The realization of love restored can come in a thousand ways ... a peaceful heart, a dance step in your walk, a child’s kiss, or a glistening spring morning. What it universally means is that the love of God is present. If love appears to vanish for a while do not worry: it only seems that way, so that you will seek it again. Love is a mystery — the greatest mystery of the universe. Love is your true Self, which springs forth from God, the indefinable everlasting fountain of existence. There is no explaining what or who will ignite the fire of love within you. There is also no explaining how you, in turn, may light the fire of another."

"Behold infinity every day, and all that you seek shall be given to you."

"Blessed are those who live in moderation, for they shall inherit the earth. Moderation is the economy of God and the economy of blessing.... As Heaven comes to Earth, the standard of economy will be that of moderation. It will not be necessary for one person to hoard and another to starve. Sharing will become a joy as you learn that everything you share will become the basis of your own receiving."

"When the heart is in the proper relationship to God, and the master of one’s life, then charity occurs as a natural aspect of sharing."

"There are no structures that cannot be superseded by love."

"Kindness is the heart of living. It is what makes life bearable, meaningful and delicious."

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