Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Hanging at my New Place

Hi. Welcome to my new home.. if you would like to come over to watch a movie later, I am getting a new big screen delivered this afternoon! I have my dehydrator filled with snacks! ..and we'll have lots of fun blender drinks on the go..

I dont have tv - but I do have a DVD player.. and the internet of course, I like to watch my Spanish shows. Ill appreciate the bigger screen.

Come hang out.. we have a ravine out back, and waterfalls.. and mushrooms.. (but I'm talking Chaga and Reishi ; )

This pot is empty.. but I am going to make a raw chili later! : )


Paul said...

Here are the movies we must watch:
The Brothers Bloom, Happy Go Lucky, Sunshine Cleaning, Where The Wild Things Are, Angel-A, My Neighbour Totoro, Earth, Food Inc., and A Christmas Tale. Only problem...raw popcorn?

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Yup, raw popcorn is not a problem.. cauliflower popcorn - in reg, cheesy and in different asst flavors. Mmmm.. the snacks are taken care of.. thanks for picking the movies!! : ) Smiles and love, cusoon

Jane Cornelius said...

I want to come and visit; if you ever want to do a house swop in Hong Kong...

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

oh, That would be fun! : ) Thanks.

Dawn said...

Dawn *smiles* at the raw popcorn .. you moved ?

GG said...

Hi Robin, I've just discovered your blog and am looking forward to exploring it. In the meantime, where is your
georgeous house-is it in Canada? Was it hard to get a building permit? Any details you'd like to share would be great. I didn't know there was a raw food community in Toronto-everything I've done has been US.


Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Yes,, its incredible - you really need to come for tea - soon! miss u! xo : )

Hi GG,
ummm.. building permits??? hmm..
looking questioningly around at the sky.. the house is a feeling I hold and am hanging out in for awhile.. ; )
But more seriously, yes, there is a raw community in Toronto. & in many cities in Canada.. I hear of some great communities in BC and Ottawa also has a great group. Ours here in Toronto has been slowly developing for awhile, years. and there are many raw foodists.. but maybe not as active a community as many places in the states. But its growing all the time.
I love hearing about raw food cultures developing all over the world, it seems there are groups Everywhere!
xo, great to hear from you!! R

Damon said...

Wow,I'm speechless. Would that be considered an earth ship? It would seem to be one peaceful free-flowing home if you ask me...needs more edible plants too ;)
Everyone have an amazing day!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Damon,
Yes, absolutely, more plants!!!!
You can come help decorate. ; )
Thanks for commenting, nice to meet you and enjoyed the We Want Raw blog!!! Nice! Salud, R