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Love without End, Jesus Speaks - Interview with Glanda Green

Glenda Green is an internationally recognized portrait painter and art historian. In 1989, her husband had a dream that Glenda was to paint a portrait of Jesus Christ. The possibility intrigued her, but it took nearly two years before she decided to undertake such a painting. After months of study, research, and contemplation, she felt frustrated as to how to proceed. She prayed in her studio for guidance.

Glenda describes what happened next: "At that moment, a presence entered the room unlike any I’ve ever experienced ... Although He was transparent, there was a radiant glow, and He displaced the air so conspicuously that I could see currents of pressure-waves rippling about eight feet in front of me. Was it the Holy Spirit ... or perhaps a special angel? ... later experiences and insights were to reveal that it was the Master Himself, in pure spiritual form.

"The Presence called my name, though in no human words I know, and then shot a beam of energy from Himself to a point between my eyes. I presume He implanted something into my optic nerve, for a radiant picture projected before my eyes. It was an exact visual prototype of the painting to be done.... "From that moment forward, my life has not been the same, not even in the smallest way ... After that, the events of every day unfolded perfectly as they should, and each hour of work was a living dialogue with the Master."

Glenda Green’s book,
Love Without End: Jesus Speaks*, is the result of the Master Jesus’s four-month visit to her studio in Fort Worth, Texas. Glenda was interviewed by Share International co-worker Betsy Whitfill.

Share International: From 23 November 1991 until 12 March 1992, the Master Jesus appeared to you in your studio so that you could paint His picture. Could you describe the experience of having Jesus visit you?

Glenda Green: It was amazingly comfortable. Prior to this, I had thought that being in the presence of Divinity, or in a higher realm, I would feel inadequate or unworthy, conditioned as I was by the various dogmas of the Earth. I was surprised at how much the Master extended Himself to make it OK for me to be exactly who I am, and what I am. We talked about sacred things and ordinary things, and He seemed to express an equal interest in anything that interested me. There was not only an absence of judgement, but also an absence of any predisposition to judgement. This is the most important thing to communicate. There was nothing too insignificant for Him to deal with, nothing too major for Him to reveal.

SI: Jesus spoke to you a great deal about love. What is love and why is it so important?

GG: Love is what, literally, makes the world go round. It is what created the world. Love was the first manifestation of existence, prior to which was simply the unknowable. Of all things that can be known, love is the ultimate and the primary. It exists on the cusp between the unknowable and the knowable. Love cannot be defined. It is the definer, coexisting with the Creator and all creative forces. Therefore, it is the closest thing, within the knowable, to the power of existence. It is a proto-energy — that which motivates things into being energetic.

SI: You wrote that Jesus urged that people "be love". Why is it so difficult?

GG: Because people confuse love with attachments. This is why the Masters, through the ages, have focused on releasing attachments as a primary mode to ascendancy and soul fulfillment. It’s not that we are to disattach in order to live in poverty, or to have nothing, to have no gratification of the senses or no experience of desire. The root meaning of desire is "of God". Without desire for the higher life, you don’t reach the higher life. The only reason to conquer desire is to conquer the association between love and attachments.

SI: Jesus talked to you about the mind and its structure-creating capacity obscuring love. Could you explain?

GG: The mind is binary, as is any computer. It is a recorder of data; it integrates data and makes comparisons. This enables us to evaluate and make choices, but the mind builds polarity in thinking. Love is the great primal integrator which sees the oneness of things. The mind is a powerful and valuable servant. The Master never diminished the importance of developing one’s intelligence through education. But because the mind is binary, it has to be a servant. That which is primary is singular. The heart is the hub of the wheel of life — the singular point, and love resides in the awareness of singularity, through which we can comprehend unity. Singularity and unity have to be proprietary — to be above binary considerations.

Structure can be created by anything, from Divinity to the lowest motivation for survival. It is just an organizational pattern for purposes of predictability and order in life. That’s all. You have to know where to place structure in your life. You must realize that it is derivative. Structure doesn’t create anything; it is a created form. Just as the mind is secondary, being binary, structure appropriately placed is a derivative form. Even original Creation, as structure, is derivative. God preceded the Cosmos.


SI: Jesus spoke to you about economics, saying that "structure creates the illusion that expansion is the only route to power and glory," and that "collapse occurs when nations over-extend, over-specialize and prevent natural cycles of compression". Is this relevant to today’s world economic situation?

GG: Yes. We have expanded so far away from natural order that we’ll have to reconnect, compress, willingly or through collapse. Historically, it has happened time and again to great civilizations. This great principle lies at the back of everything. We can avoid the pain of this coming collapse by intentional compression. Jesus stressed this. If everyone who can do so gracefully initiates the process, we increase the ratio of probability that the entire world can do it.

SI: You wrote that sharing leads to prosperity for everyone. Could you enlarge on this?

GG: It is such a simple, self-evident principle, it’s hard to enlarge on it. We build walls to protect our proprietary stuff — ideas and/or property. These walls eventually cut us off from receiving. An idea which served me well five years ago may not necessarily nourish me today. Had I shared my idea years ago, I would have new ideas coming back to me today. The proprietary concept must be as fluid as is life if it is to be valuable.

SI: Jesus also told you that "So much love energy is being poured on the Earth now, it will shatter some needless structures." Love from where?

GG: From three sources. One is Divinity itself, because the will of God is that the greatest good be done. Another source is from all beings who have arrived at Christed levels of awareness, who are radiating tremendous amounts of love. The third source will actually account for the crash that’s about to happen, but this collapse will not be externally engineered.

Throughout the history of human evolution we have been building structures more to compensate for our unconsciousness than our consciousness. We have governments and military to keep the tigers out, not to manage what we have. However, during the long evolution of consciousness, we have been increasing in awareness. Now we are at the point where our consciousness exceeds our unconsciousness. This consciousness will itself destroy the structures which unconsciousness has built to deal with the unknown. It is a natural evolutionary process. The Master said that is why it has been predicted by every race of man, every religion throughout time. I would call it humanitarian love, the ability to do the greater good regardless of the price. We will choose the greater, and the lesser will disappear. I think we’re virtually there now, but everything ebbs and flows.

SI: Since Jesus is Teacher for the Christian Church, what message did He have for modern Christianity?

GG: I did not notice any difference between His words to me and His ancient words to the Earth except that there was clarification. Traditional Christianity is not, for the most part, operating from His words but from the dogma imposed on His words. He’s very pragmatic and to Him there is nothing more practical than living a spiritual life. He sees no separation between the physical and spiritual. The soul’s fulfillment is not different from fulfillment of a human life.

When we understand where structure belongs, we’ll rise above competing dogmas. Dogma is just intellectual structure. That’s why He said: "When you know the truth, the truth will set you free." People erected dogma to compensate for what they did not understand, to complement their ignorance not their wisdom. A study of comparative religions shows that all religions create dogma, and that is the difference between them. Their wisdom is all the same.

SI: Did Jesus refer to any of the great Teachers, like the Buddha?

GG: Only once. He said: "The reason I am here is to assist you in knowing the Father. If you worship Me and know not the Father, then you’ve taken the wrong pathway." So you can see what has happened. At that moment I wondered if this would also be true for Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and others, and He said: "If you know the Buddha in order to know the Father, then you are not lost. If you know the Buddha only to know the Buddha, then you’ve taken the wrong pathway."


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