Friday, December 18, 2009

Our trip to Juice It! The Rejuvenating Spring Company

Ok, sometimes I take the randomest pictures ever!!
Misan & I went to this really beautiful place, out in Milton - It was the headquarters of Juice It! The Rejuvenating Spring Company. It was beautiful out here.. many, many acres of land, 9 or 10 horses and other cute animals, Lots of incredible raw food.. they made us lunch (snacks, dinner..) & it was delicious! & of course, natural springs.

& What am I taking pictures of? Inside one of the barns .. which was incredible and brought me back to my childhood, out in the country native NB. Mmm.. I wish I could trasport over the small of the haylofts, wood burning stoves etc. It was awesome and we ended up spending the full day here!!

Thats Rosie, the cat.. lucky cat. Thats the life!

We got to hang with the horses for awhile.

Mi-San and the horses.. ; ) I love horses!!

Inside one of the buildings where they keep lots and lots of interesting things, there was this cart - a trasportable food kiosk - with a manual blender, 2 hand crank juicers.. Mmm that brings back great memories, fresh hand made juice!!

& Lots of raw foods! You can check their products out from the their website: they have juicers, kitchen essentials and lots of quality organic foods: cacao, gojis, maca, honey, w/ propolis, royal jelly, seeds for eating, sprouting, agave, Raw Revolution bars.. so many things! Great stuff!

Here are some raw desserts and green tea.. but I did miss taking pictures of the special cacao drink topped with the most incredible raw granola they greeted us with.. the incredible lunch ..and dinner we got to enjoy. Mmm.. great place. & we talked about hosting raw events out here.. which would be incredible.!!

There is a spaciousness and energy that is uncapturable on film. It was very beautiful here. I have a feeling we will be seeing and enjoying some incredible raw events-retreats- 1 day, or weekend, or longer?? There is a pool out here and an outdoor kitchen and lots more.. something special is being manifested I think. ; )

Speaking of manifesting - I came home from a trip up north again today to find a Christmas tree delivered and sitting on my front porch!!?? ..and a tree stand!! v. cool! Thank you! Peace & Love! xo

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