Thursday, September 03, 2009

When Nature Screams

Today I almost felt like screaming - well, not really - I rarely ever really feel like screaming - but I think I was a bit inside.. I went to the Ex - the CNE, Canadian National Exhibition, and we were walking through all the buildings and in one there were all these cows in cages, cute cows, different types of beef cows. This was all put on by the beef industry ..and they were blatantly showing and all the instruments they use, ones to tag their ears and all kinds of things. Displays showin all the different things they use cows for ?? ..and they were such cute cows. I was a little shocked. .. and a section of pigs. There was a mother feeding her babies who were probably a couple weeks old. and another with babies who were only 3 days old!!! The mom had them right there.. It just felt so wrong, all these people glaring through the screen at the mom feeding her babies.. and all the pork advertisements..
Man, is it just me?? I had to get out of there.. it felt like I was in some warped world.

Then later we were walking through the food building.. looking for some fresh squeezed orange juice - I figured I could find that - and I did.. but one small place making smoothies amongst all these giant food chains - Pizza, Gyros, Tiny Time Donuts (little donuts made in front of you on a conveyor belt), Beaver Tails (deep fried dough and sugar), Funnel Cakes (deep fried dough & sugar), it seemed like hundreds of different fast food chains - no fruit, except this one smoothie place.. and he said they squeeze the oranges fresh every morning.. Thank God for them!!

Those kind of places freak me out a bit, I guess I just stay away from them so much that when I am there, I am a bit amazed.
I am so glad to be home ..just finishing off a green smoothie. Wow, I love these things!!
: )


Susan said...

I had the same reaction at our fair. Can't even go in the animal barns anymore.

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Yes, I may not be going any more either. Best to stay away from there. Wise.
Nice to hear from you! Best on your raw journey!

yafa said...

i love your blog. the photos are gorgeous. the information is so useful! i'm totally going to try the coffee recipe. thanks for doing this!