Saturday, September 12, 2009

Raw Aura - Amazing raw spot in Port Credit

I was excited to get to Raw Aura finally!!! I love Meghan and all the love and energy that comes from her. & I Love Raw Aura. This place is amazing. The place has great design, it's comfortable, it looks great, & feels great. & most importantly, the food is awesome!

It made me realize once again, and strongly, how every restaurant, and especially raw restaurant, is a work of art. They have so much thought and care and love put into them. Every one. So much love and care, thought, dedication, hard work.. creating and running these beautiful works of art. Not to mention healing and helping people, the planet.. building communities. It's more deep and important than most people realize - Very, very important!

The people:

Meghan - the creative driving force behind this venture & Dan. It was his 2nd day.. but hes also a great contributor and inspirer on the scene. I met Dan at Rawlicious when he was 1st experimenting with raw.. going deeper, water fasts.. he's come a long way - very quickly. He was saying how it changed his life.. but of course, it does. Raw foods make you conscious. I hear it all the time. Wow, I started eating like this and then.. pretty soon, wham, it'll change your life! You open up. wake up.. more and more.. it's an interesting and fascinating process. But, back to Raw Aura..

& Meg with Kayla below. Kayla is Meghans angel I think. Working a lot!! & going to school full time. Now that's energy : ) Amazing duo.

The space is beautiful. & I was happy to see a steady flow of customers through the place, on a wed evening. Amazing and wonderful it has been keeping busy since it opened.

The Food:
1st we ordered Brushetta - Juicy roma and cherry tomatoes are marinated in olive oil, fresh garlic and sweet basil, lightly dehydrated until warm. Served on seasoned, crispy flax bread topped with pine nut parmesan.

The Peace Wrap - Avocado, carrots, tomato, kale, sprouts and hummus are served in a wrap made of delectable kalamata onion bread.

Un-Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Sprouted bread with a hint of vegetable flavor is generously smothered with a creamy cashew "cheese" layered with crunchy eggplant "bacon" juicy tomato slices and sunflower sprouts.

Followed by Desset - 2 Chocolate covered Hemp Balls and a slice of Creamsicle Pie

It was all wonderful!! Come & enjoy the warmth, vibrancy, great music and even better food at Raw Aura! xo! Peace & Love!!


TheHulaQueen said...

Thanks for this post... we first learned about them here and are going tonight. There menu is beautiful and so original!!

Here's their info:
94 Lakeshore Road East
Port Credit, ON L5G 1E3

wholefoodgal said...

Oh that food looks so good! I agree that raw food changes your life! I have been raw for 5 months now and going strong!

Gisele said...

Hey beautiful Robin,

Ate there last night, you're so right. Food was awesome with generous portions. Will def revisit.

big embrace

Gisele Laughing Rain