Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Batido Verdes - Green Smoothies: Aprendido Espanole

My favorite thing in the background of my kitchen lately is this - Spanish Podcasts on my Ipod.

I am just so into spending my free time reading and learning Spanish. That's the thing with eating raw - lots of energy to spare and mental clarity ..which can be filtered into other things.

& I have found some amazing online sources for learning Spanish (in case anyone is interested : )

#1 is Notes in Spanish - I have been following these guys on off learning Spanish for the past couple years. Have purchased the beginner and intermediate transcripts from them.. However, they have all the podcasts for free, and they are very helpful. I listened to these lots first.. they're great! contemporary and about lots of interesting subjects and culture in Spain ..and travel, which I love!

#2 is Voces en Espanole - shown above on my Ipod - and what I am listening to a lot lately. I have so many podcasts downloaded!! Also a lot of interesting subjects. They have an affiliated website to theirs is one with childrens stories - Cody's Cuentos - if you know any kids to teach spanish to, or who are learning.. and have to admit, read and listened to a few myself - Its the kid in me, and easy ; )

#3 is an awesome site with alphabetical lists of Spanish English sentences - which has been really helpful.

Also I have gone to Forvo - for pronunciations of words. I just went and checked lots of ll words: llama, llueve, lloro ..I was finding this sound confusing, Argentinians pronounce it Ch, or sh.. also pronounced j, but I think the most common is' y' ..anyway, you can listen yourself if you need any clarity.

My online radio bookmarked is 88.7FM La Tribu - Alternativa Comunicación, a veces bueno
Click Radio Online to listen (escuchar) ..but there are many radio stations, easy to google..

Some interesting, easy reading here: Mundo Hispano

I have a couple others, but those are the main ones.. also, my daughters text book which she must have forgotten to return, yikes..but is really helpful. I was amazed that I found this one. ; )
I will return it ...soon.

& I have been renting movies. I find it funny and sometimes a bit embarrassing - my prerequisite for renting movies lately is if they are in Espanole.. I go through racks checking the backs of boxes. ..and I have been watching chic-flics for the 1st time in my life, easy subject matter.. one was so easy I watched Spanish with Spanish subtitles (usually have english subtitles on) but I wonder taking them to the front.. hmm, what happened to her, she used to watch such interesting movies! lol

& of course there is YouTube, which I have changed - mi idioma es Espanole y mi ubicacion es Mexico - por diversion
Mira.. Passion Fruit Green Smoothies!

Batido Verdes - Fruta de la Pasión


Voices en Español said...

Hola Robin!
Muchas gracias por incluir mis podcasts en tu lista. That made my day seeing the Voices en Español logo on your iPod. Very nice!

Best of luck and continued success with your Spanish studies!

Un saludo cordial desde España,

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

great to hear from you personally.. thanks, and now you are making my day! : ) Muchas gracias para todo la podcasts.!!
Apreciate you lots! Hugs, R

Anonymous said...

Aprendi mucho