Saturday, September 19, 2009

Getting Back to Zero - Ho'oponopono

Listening to an interview with Dr Hew Len on Ho'oponopono - the following is adapted from here - 3rd link down:

The whole cosmos including the mind is run by intimation. Its whole purpose is to be at Zero.

the mind runs everything
and its just intimation

Let Go. Do my cleaning:
I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you.

Cleaning things I am not even conscious of.
The purpose of my existance - the whole object is to be at Zero
Thats where information is going to come ..inspiration, enlightenment.. it won't come without being at Zero first

Repentance, forgiveness, transmutation
Let divinity come clean us - be at Zero - Praying, in terms of Letting Go, so we can.

He (Dr. Len) didn't heal anyone - he looked within himself. If he experienced a person abusive, sick - What's going on in him that he experiences it?

What data, what experiences, memories, programs are running in me that I am having these experiences.

Say I am sorry for what is going on in me.

"Ho'oponopono is about appealing through the superconscious to Divine or Infinite and saying I am sorry about what is going on in me and I wish to make amends and then allowing, letting Divine source which created you and can erase you. Suffuse the nothingness or void with enlightenment or perfect intimation for living"

What we have to realize is that we are clueless. We have no idea what is gong on.
We need to let go, get to Zero state and divinity can give me what is perfect and right for me ..and perfect and right for everyone else.

Other people will be fine as long as I am fine.
Peace begins with me
A long as I am at Peace - everyone else will be fine.

Most of the time we are stuck in informaton that is replaying from the past.

"For each second the conscious mind is aware of 15 bits of information, the subconscious is yet millions and millions" from Tor Norretranders - User Illusion

The cause of all our problems are memories, which are stored in the subconscious
.and when they play we have heart attacks, anxiety attacks..

Do we want to let go of all that data?
I'm sorry, I Love you, Please forgive me, Thank you! ..lets you let go.

Most of the time we are living dead - not really living.
Ho'oponopono lets us let go.

Divinity infuses the Zero with Enlightenment, Perfect ideas.

Just keep cleaning and you will be free.

Always try to be at Peace with yourself.


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