Sunday, September 13, 2009

Viktor Schauberger, the Egg and Structured Water

Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) was a pioneering environmentalist, he observed and studied nature and natural energy ..with a strong focus - a lifelong study of water. All types of water, it's movement and structure and he developed profound, deeply important and radical theories about its inherent energies.

He believed water is to our planet Earth what blood is for the human body, and can become diseased and poisoned, affecting all life.

Callum Coates is brilliant at explaining the theories of Viktor Schauberger.
Here he explains Sacred Living Energy and Natural Motion - in particular Implosive energy (vs Explosive energy) and the power inherent in this natural movement.

Callum Coates - Natural Energy

He developed structured water.. and discovered how we can make structured water.
Through his studies he discovered how the egg is a perfect form for creating implosive energy ..and for naturally creating structured water.

Double Egg Water Vortex Generating Jug

Friday night I saw Brian Clement speak. He talked about Viktor Schauberger and I have been reading more about his work today.
I found it interesting when Brian told us how we can
make structured water ourselves, water needs to be moving.. and we can structure it simply by shaking it up!

Tomorrow night I am taking a raw class - Al Fresco Summer Raw Class - with Omar Jaffari
I am very excited!!


Bobby Norris said...

Thanks for the blog. I enjoyed Callum Coates talk on the theories of Viktor Schauberger!!!

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hi, new to the site, thanks.