Monday, September 21, 2009

Tea with Jan at Rawlicious

A few days ago I went to Rawlicious to meet my friend Jan.. she's a rawfoodist who lives (with her husband Dave) here in Toronto half the year and on a boat in the Bahamas the other half. Cool life!! They do a lot of sprouting on the boat.. Jan just finished a 92 day juice feast - with no fruit!!! Wow! She was writing a blog, which I posted a link to before.. and will again if she decides to resume writing.

Rawlicious was awesome - of course!!! Such a treat eating there again.. and being on the other side of the table. Life is fun.. sometimes I feel like I'm playng.. can I be the cashier now??
whoa, just having a moment.. Mmm.. the pizza was amazing!

..and so was Jan's Mocha Cheesecake - Incredible!!! : ) & of course Beautiful Foolishness tea - Whenever I smell that I think of Rawlicious.. its the most popular one there. Mmmm. zenning in the zen den!!


Lauren said...

Wow, what a beautiful plate of yummy food! :) Love that cake too!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Lauren!!
yes, it was delicious too!
Nice to hear from you, much love!