Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Power of Nothing and Huge Shopping Trips! Really, It's Nothing! )

It's late & I have been going like crazy.. what else? ..but this getting up at 6 am! wow. I love working early but if only I could get to bed early. Kaiya & I have been having some real bonding sessions.. tonight we took off last minute for a major fast paced shopping trip (Yonge St- Eatons Center) wow, we bought a lot really quickly! & we are so into working out.. but she keeps me up late ; ) ..she read me a story the other night before bed.. and now I am going to tell you one - This is an excerpt, an interesting thought (she has many) from Byron Katie's book - A Thousand Names for Joy.

"Mind is so powerful that it could take the imagined fist and beat it against a wall and actually believe that you are the person whose fist it is. Because mind in its ignorance is so quick to hold its imagined world together, it has created time and space and everything in it. Mind's ability to create is a beautiful thing, unless, as the terrorist that it often is, it has created a word that's frightening or unkind. If it has, I would suggest questioning the nightmare. It doesn't matter where mind begins to question itself. "'It's a tree' - is that true?" Or " 'I am' - is that true?" The world that mind has created can just as easily be de-created. It goes back to where it came from anyway. Your attachment to it is the only suffering.
Mind can't comprehend "nothing," the absolute, that from which everything flows, the original non-world. To name it "nothing" makes it untrue. It's not "nothing," because it's prior to words. "Nothing" is not only frightening to the world of mirrored thought - it's in comprehensible. Mind becomes frightened when it considers being what it was born from, since that can never be controlled or known. Without identification as a body, mind is left to die, and death never comes for it. What never lived can never die.
Eventually, mind discovers that it's free, that it's indefinitely out of control and infinitely joyful. Eventually, it falls in love with the unknown. In that it can rest. And since it no longer believes what it thinks, it remains always peaceful, wherever it is or isn't."


Light Harmony Gratitude said...

Hey Robin! Great quote! It reminded me of another one, "I can scarcely wait until tomorrow, when a new life begins for me. As it does each day. As it does each day." . . . As it does each day . . . I don't have the quotee's name for this one unfortunately.

Enjoy your friday! *smile*

P.S. I linked to your website in my blog today . . . Although it's not like many people will see it *laugh*

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hey Whitney, great to hear from you!
Love the look of your new blog, congrats! & the oil press looks really interesting.. wishing you a most wonderful Friday also! Huge hugs!!! R