Thursday, October 23, 2008

Journalling: Steam Rooms, Herbal Teas and the Rawkathon

Oh, I am so into the steam room lately at my gym, I can't even tell you!
My Swedish friend came with me yesterday, now the Swedes know all about steam rooms.. its a communal thing in Sweden, and she just got back from there.. the whole village goes and steams and gossips together.. the women will all go together first,, and later the men will go. They jump in the cold ocean after too! & we were simulating that going from steam room to icy shower.. well, Icy after she turns down my water as cold as it will go! We kept doing this, about 3 times each.. we were in there almost 2 hours! Steaming is one of my favorite things, I love it, always makes me feel great! .. I think I get into fantasy mode, like I am at a tropical beach..

and I actually love the hot/cold thing. I used to do that when I first went raw and was doing some major detoxing.. even doing the Master Cleanse before I went raw I was into doing that.. one time I almost fainted.. I ca really push myself though, tend to be a bit of an extremist.
I was doing the cold as far as it would go today also.. and if your into this awesome torture stuff (lol) remember to lift your arms and let the cold water get under your arms, there are lymph glands there.. good stimulation.

Mi-San was telling me about how in Finland they bring a bucket of water in with them and a switch, a branch with leaves and whack themselves all over and get someone else to do the back where its harder to get to, to realy get the blood circulation going. (we're going to sneak some branches in next time! lol)

Oh & after my Rawlicious day and steaming I went down to Herbies Herbs and got more herbs. I am drinking a superfood tea blend again. I have this great collection of herbs happening now.. and I just mix and brew a blend every once in awhile.. I have to remember to do this more often. I put gojis and cacao nibs in there also for great flavour.

I am listening to Sherie right now.. we are talking about hosting her coming up soon at To Sprouts to give classes here. & Victoras Kulvinskas soon, excited to hear him. I loved Karen Knowler last night! ..Loving the Rawkathon! I missed David though, and would have really liked to see him. k, getting back to the show.. just a quick hi tonight. xox, Love!


debbiedoesraw said...

stop stopping in, your blog is always such a beautiful place to be!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thanks Deb. ~Hugs~ R